February 27, 2024

Parle-G’s latest ‘G Mane Genius’ TV campaign harps on inculcating values in children

Parle-G’s latest ‘G Mane Genius’ TV campaign harps on inculcating values in childrenMumbai, 12th January, 2024: Parle Products, one of the leading biscuit brands in India has released its latest TV Campaign for its flagship product – Parle G. This TV Campaign is part of their brand’s G Maane Genius positioning. In 2022, Parle-G revealed an innovative version of its ‘G Maane Genius’ campaign. The proposition was elevated by touching upon the emotional quotient in children. The innate empathy of young children, devoid of personal benefit was the lynchpin of the campaign.

Riding on the back of that campaign’s success, Parle has come out with a series of bite-sized films with the same messaging. The new set of five films created by Thought Blurb Communications has been carefully created to evoke the same emotion without the luxury of elaborate storytelling. The new 15-second format manages to balance the emotion elicited by the proposition with daily situations with children at home and play. The emphasis is on their interaction with parents, loved ones and friends.

  1. Dadaji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bttp8WL7LNA
  2. Musical Chairs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu1YYxq-SiI
  3. Puppet Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sThBAx03x4M
  4. Science Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HXA5jI2rk4
  5. Toy Store: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cp7wesn8oQw

The series of films takes simple uncomplicated scenarios to demonstrate a child’s compassion. These are situations that a child may easily find themselves. The intuitive need to help others is encompassed in the signature thought, Genius wohi, jo auron ke khushi mein paye apni khushi’.

The simplicity of the films is key to the campaign’s effectiveness. These are situations that every child would have faced. The portrayal of sensitivity in the protagonist child is not shown as a moral lesson or a teachable moment. In fact, the protagonists are neither good, nor bad. The statement ‘Genius wohi, jo auron ke khushi mein paye apni khushi’ clearly defines the brand’s definition of a genius, in any child. These are the values that the ads seek to inculcate in children without speaking from a pulpit.

For the parent in the room, the message is clear. Parle-G stands for a feeling of empathy and sacrifice in children. These attributes are the sublimation of uncorrupted compassion and the need to protect, help and make others happy. The shorter version of the campaign brings a new dimension to the concept of ‘genius’ and makes it an everyday demonstration of emotion in its purest form.

“The core values expressed in this campaign are quite strong. Young children around the world have an effortless capacity for empathy, which gives them a facility for goodness born out of innocence. We equate this to a higher intelligence relatable to genius,” says Mayank Shah, Vice President – Marketing at Parle. “We needed to see if the idea had legs to travel through different formats and media.” It was a challenge thrown to the advertising agency which Thought Blurb gladly accepted.

Vinod Kunj, Founder and CCO, Thought Blurb Communications spoke about his team’s approach to the campaign. “We immediately realized that we needed to throw out all our pre-conceived notions of scripting. The short format gave us little time to establish relationships and situations. The establishing shots would have to portray the conflict and solutions presented simply. Nothing overly convoluted would work.”

Renu Somani, National Creative Director, Thought Blurb Communications explains, “Emotions are not slaves to duration. We rejected the concept of shorter edits of the master films and created fresh masters in the short format. Each story is born from the need for 15-second stories and not pared down versions of the longer ones.

Ad credits:

Client: Parle Products

Brand: Parle-G

Vice President Marketing: Mayank Shah

Senior Product Manager: Megha Thakare

Deputy Brand Manager: Ashutosh Deshpande

Agency: Thought Blurb Communications

Chief Creative Officer: Vinod Kunj

National Creative Director: Renu Somani

Creative Director: Shahid Hussain

Copywriters: Renu Somani, Shahid Hussain & Mayur Gosavi

Executive Director: Nidha Luthra

Associate Vice President: Israa Khan

Brand Solutions Executive: Timiha Kunj

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