Paaduks, Sustainable Footwear Brand, Recycles 25,85,788 kg of Tires

New Delhi, April 04, 2024: Paaduks, a leading sustainable and vegan footwear brand in India, is making significant strides in reducing its environmental impact and empowering local communities. Paaduks, through its innovative approach, has recycled an average of 5 lac tires year-over-year for the past four years, totaling over 25,85,788 kg of tires recycled and a staggering 60,33,506 kg of CO2 emissions offset.

Through innovative design and a commitment to ethical practices, Paaduks is offering eco-conscious consumers stylish alternatives that prioritize sustainability and responsible consumption. In FY22-23 alone, Paaduks recycled over 15,00,000 kg of used tires, bringing the total to over 50,000 tires upcycled and preventing more than 33,00,000 kg of CO2 emissions.

The Indian footwear industry produces a staggering 2.5 billion pairs annually, creating a major environmental burden. Paaduks tackles this challenge head-on by upcycling used tires into durable, biodegradable soles. Paaduks’ commitment goes beyond materials. The company collaborates with skilled cobblers in a workshop in Chembur, Mumbai, ensuring fair wages and ethical production practices. Cobblers working with Paaduks receive three times the typical pay for their craftsmanship. Further ensuring accessibility for eco-conscious consumers, Paaduks leverages a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model and partnerships with major e-commerce platforms. This approach removes unnecessary middlemen, allowing Paaduks to offer competitive pricing while maintaining ethical production practices.

Paaduks’ narrative exemplifies the perfect blend of innovation and sustainability. The brand offers stylish footwear that resonates with eco-conscious consumers seeking meaningful products. As the e-commerce footwear market thrives, Paaduks is positioned at the forefront, leading the charge towards a more sustainable and ethical future for fashion.

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