Oreo’s ongoing campaign #SayItWithOreo found an apt Conversation Media Marketing partner with Bobble “Keyboard” apps

New Delhi, April 09, 2022: OREO, the World’s No.1 and India’s favourite cookie brand, joined hands with India’s largest Conversation Media Platform Bobble AI to expand the playful reach of its all-new #SayItWithOreo campaign through CMM (Conversation Media Marketing) that encourages family playtime with the introduction of alphabet embossed, scannable cookies. Whether engaging in a fun wordplay on the spot or scanning any 4 lettered cookie combination to unlock and play unique games online, the campaign brings a new indulgent eat and play experience in a special and interactive way.

Bobble AI’s new-age conversation marketing tool CMM helps brands reach out to their target audiences by strategically placing them within their relevant consumer’s conversations on messaging/social platforms including WhatsApp. And with OREO, Bobble AI is assisting the brand in amplifying its conversations and increasing customer reach and engagement. The campaign’s impact can be gauged by the fact that, in just 30 days of the campaign run, it managed to garner over 351K+ shares by relevant users organically in a non-intrusive way.

For the past 2 years, with kids spending most of their time indoors and without their play partners and parents trying to juggle work, household chores, and their role as play partners for their kids, the idea of this campaign is to ignite playful connections once again between family members while easing the work-life balance for parents through a virtual extension of OREO cookies. With Bobble’s AI-driven conversational content such as GIFs, stickers, and more, the virtual play will only expand further while personalizing the experience for our audience.

Anjali Krishnan, Consumer Experience Lead, Mondelez India said,”OREO has always aimed to inspire playful moments between parents & kids. . This sentiment is taken to the next level with the launch of our alphabet-embossed cookies in the #SayItWithOreo campaign, encouraging consumers to take time out and indulge their children in some quality, playful time in a novel & engaging manner. This experience is invigorated with a first-of-its-kind tech -integration enabling consumers to unlock games for every word they form with the cookies. We are excited to collaborate with Bobble AI as it offers an innovative way to build buzz on conversation platforms through its AI-powered content distribution mechanism.”

Bobble AI – known for its conversational content such as Stickers, GIFs, and Emojis – has designed an entirely new integrated campaign that offers multiple solutions for the brand. It has created conversational stickers for OREO that can be used in daily active conversations on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. In addition, Bobble’s Story feature allows users to share their personalized OREO stories with friends and family on various social media platforms. The brand has also developed an innovative OREO Themed Keyboard, in which all alphabets are shaped like OREO cookies, along with a banner prompt that appears when campaign-related keywords like “fun,” “play,” and “cookie” are typed in sentences. Another innovation Bobble brought in is PopText, a funky text style that converts standard text messages into OREO Cookie-themed texts.

“The last few years have revealed a very different audience dynamic- consumers are paying lesser attention to advertising, in some cases even choosing to pay to avoid advertising. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial that we find methods of communicating our brand value through non-intrusive advertising. Conversational AI opens up a whole new set of opportunities, yet we’ve seen very few use cases in marketing, which is what makes the #SayItWithOreo campaign so special. Working with Bobble AI, we’re pushing the boundaries of Conversational Marketing. We’ve not only managed to communicate about the embossed OREOs to our consumer, but we’ve managed to integrate OREO into interpersonal communications.,” said Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client Officer & Head – West, Wavemaker India.

Speaking on the partnership with OREO, Ankit Prasad, Co-founder and CEO Bobble AI, said, “The #SayItWithOreo campaign is another brilliant & innovative idea by Mondelez OREO team supported by Wavemaker that brings families truly close and inspires them to rejuvenate their deeper connection with their loved ones expressing their love in a playful, creative, and personalised way. We take the utmost pride in being associated with this campaign which has a natural alignment with our marketing solution CMM (Conversation Media Marketing) as it’s a unique, innovative and creative tool to reach out to the relevant target audiences in a non-intrusive way by making the brand part of its consumer’s conversations exploring innovative ideas. This is the second time we are working with OREO and that itself is proof of the trust that the brand shares with us.”

Bobble AI is on a mission to revolutionize everyday smartphone conversations by making them more expressive, personalised, and intelligent. It is emerging as a new-age marketing solution that offers highly creative and engaging content adding an edge to the brand story and putting the brand in its consumer’s conversations where it matters the most at the right time through its AI-powered cutting edge technology.

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