Omega Seiki Mobility Quote: Extension of EV Policy in Delhi

Omega Seiki Mobility. OSM is a prominent entity within the esteemed Anglian Omega Group, and stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, espousing a resolute commitment to reshaping India’s mobility paradigm. Embracing a comprehensive product portfolio spanning two-wheelers, three-wheelers and 4-wheelers, the company diligently champions sustainable and ecologically responsible transportation alternatives. The company has 4 State of the Art Manufacturing Units- 3 in Faridabad and 1 in Pune.

As you must be aware of the Delhi Government’s extension on the EV policy till March 2024. Welcoming the move, Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, said, “I commend the Delhi government’s commitment to advancing green energy sustainability, evident in the proliferation of green plates across the state. Recognizing the need of the hour, we appreciate their foresight in extending the Electric Vehicle policy, a pledge to Delhi’s leadership to embrace a cleaner and greener future. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Shri Kailash Gahlot Ji for his dedication and leadership in driving these initiatives.

While applauding these strides, it’s imperative to highlight the existing gaps, especially in the electric truck domain, where the absence of subsidies presents a significant hurdle. This sector demands a major push, considering that electric trucks, while essential for urban logistics, currently lack the incentives that could play a pivotal role in curbing pollution. Our collective vision for Delhi extends beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to electrify the entire fleet by 2026-27 and thereby establish a pioneering benchmark for others to follow.

Delhi’s proactive stance stands out as a front-runner, providing a beacon of clarity amidst the uncertainty in other states. The continued incentives under the existing policy serve as a crucial lifeline, ensuring a sustained momentum in EV purchases. Together, with progressive policies and industry innovation, we are steering Delhi towards its ambitious 25% EV target, forging a path that others will be inspired to tread.”

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