NRAI Pune stands with authorities, stressing the restaurant industry’s commitment to legal business practices in Pune

NRAI Pune stands with authorities, stressing the restaurant industry's commitment to legal business practices in PunePune, 28th May 2024: The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAIPune Chapter had a significant meeting yesterday with prominent city officials to discuss and strengthen their collaborative efforts.

The NRAI chapter head Saili Jahagirdar and co- chapter Head Adv Ajinkya Udane along with secretary Sanat Sarpotdar met Dr. Suhas Diwase, Pune Divisional Commissioner; Amitesh Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Pune; Mr. Shailesh Balkawade, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Pune; Uttamrao Shinde, Deputy Superintendent, Excise Department, Pune, and Dr. Rajendra B Bhosale, Pune Municipal Commissioner and MLA Ravindra Dhangekar.

During these meetings, NRAI Pune Chapter expressed their solidarity and support to the authorities, emphasizing the importance of adhering to legal business practices and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and commitment. The discussions highlighted the mutual goal of ensuring the smooth functioning of the restaurant industry in Pune.

“Our meeting with these esteemed dignitaries underscores our commitment to working hand-in-hand with the authorities. We aim to support and enhance the regulatory framework that benefits both the industry and the community,” said Ajinkya.

Dr. Rajendra Bhosale, Pune Municipal Commissioner, appreciated the NRAI‘s proactive stance and the importance of such collaborations in promoting lawful business operations and addressing industry challenges.

The NRAI Pune Chapter reiterated their readiness to work closely with municipal and police authorities, ensuring all members adhere to legal guidelines and contribute to a safe and prosperous community. NRAI will continue to provide unwavering support to the authorities, ensuring a cooperative approach to the challenges and opportunities within the industry.

NRAI is dedicated to fostering a compliant and professional business environment. All the esteemed authorities proactively promised their assistance if needed and encouraged NRAI to approach them should any issues arise within the restaurant sector. Additionally, NRAI commits to bridging the gap between outlet/restaurant owners and Government officials, standing firmly against any injustice towards its members and providing steadfast support when needed.

For further information, you may connect with NRAI Pune chapter head Saili Jahagirdar or co-chapter Head Ajinkya Udane.

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