New Firmware Roadmap for the BURANO Digital Cinema Camera Announced

New Delhi, 4th June 2024:  Sony India is pleased to announce two firmware updates for the BURANO, the newest addition to the CineAlta family high-end digital cinema cameras.  The new firmware updates, BURANO Version 1.1 and Version 2.0, are planned to be released over the next year and will include additional recording formats, new de-squeeze options and monitoring updates as well as other features and requests gathered from the user community.

BURANO Firmware Version 1.1

Planned for release in late June 2024, BURANO Firmware Version 1.1 includes new features for live event production and the addition of 1.5x de-squeeze display for anamorphic lenses. Version 1.1 will add S700 Protocol over Ethernet*[i] which enables remote control of a BURANO using an RCP (remote control panel.) Controllable settings include exposure, white balance, paint, and others (depending on the RCP model.)  Version 1.1 also enables support for Multi Matrix Area Indication. This feature allows users to adjust targeted colours during Multi Matrix operation.  In addition, BURANO Firmware Version 1.1 also allows support for Sony’s Monitor & Control app version 2.0.0 which enables in demand features such as Multi-Camera Monitoring function for iPadOS which allows feeds to up to four cameras, precise exposure monitoring including such as waveform and false colour, intuitive focus control, and more. Sony’s Monitor & Control app is free and available for iOS and Android devices.

BURANO Firmware Version 2.0

Planned to be released March 2025 or later, BURANO Firmware Version 2.0 offers many new features and improvements requested from the user community, including new recording formats, new 1.8x de-squeeze, and monitoring improvements. Version 2.0 will include new recording formats including a new 3.8K Full Frame crop that leverages nearly the entire sensor and can shoot up to 120 fps. This new recording mode allows the filmmaker to prioritise faster sensor performance depending on the needs of their application. Other new recording formats include the addition of 24.00 fps to X-OCN 16:9 imager modes and the following:

Full Frame 3.8K 16:9 Mode Up to 120 fps
Super 35 4.3K 4:3 Mode (for Anamorphic) Up to 60 fps
Super 35 1.9K 16:9 Mode Up to 240 fps

BURANO Firmware Version 2.0 will also add 1.8x de-squeeze setting as well as additional high frame rate (S & Q) modes including 66, 72, 75, 88, 90, 96, 110 fps.

Version 2.0 also offers monitoring improvements, including standardised SDI video output for monitoring across X-OCN and XAVC and an improved on-screen display output which places camera status information outside of the image. Version 2.0 will also include View Finder Gamma Display Assist while using S-Log for monitoring. BURANO Firmware Version 2.0 also includes additional exposure tools (High/Low Key) derived from the flagship VENICE camera system. Version 2.0 will also expand white balance memory presets from 3 to 8 and support Active/High Image Stabilisation in Full-Frame 6K and Super 35 1.9K 16:9 imager modes. Finally, Version 2.0 will add breathing compensation and image stabilisation metadata in X-OCN.


The new BURANO Firmware Version 1.1 and Version 2.0 will be available in selected countries in Asia Pacific from late June 2024 and from March 2025 or later, respectively. Filmmakers can easily download the update directly to their camera using a PC. More details can be found Here.

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