September 25, 2023

NESt. Fest Concluded with birth day celebration of hon’ble Prime Minimiser Shri Narendra Modi

NESt. Fest Concluded with birth day celebration of hon’ble Prime Minimiser Shri Narendra Modi

18th Sept, New Delhi: The most prestigious festival for North East Students organized by My Home India, North East Student Festival 2023 (NESt Fest 2023) was held at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. Nest.Fest 2023, which lasted from morning to evening, mesmerized people with the vibrant colours of art and culture of the North-East States. More than Ten thousand North East Students and Delhiites embraced the extravaganza from morning to late evening in NESt Fest 2023 at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. My Home India also celebrated the 73rd birthday of hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi by cutting the cake made of Millet. A Video of birthday song dedicated to Shri Narendra Modi made by My Home India was also showcased on this occasion.

Shri Rajkumar Ranjan Singh, Union Minister of State for Education, Government of India, Speaker of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Shri Pasang Dorjee Sona, Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, Mitali Namchoom , Sikkim MLA Shri Narendra Kumar Subba and former Meghalaya Minister Shri Daskhaitabha Lamare were present as distinguish guests on this occasion . The organizer of the program and Founder of My Home India, Shri Sunil Deodhar welcomed the guests in the traditional manner of the North-East.

The audience were left yearning for more with the captivating showcase of dance music and the fashion show by North East students and artists. The fashion show organized in the evening, was lead by Indian actress, Model and singer Soma Laishram made the event memorable by spreading her magic on the ramp of fashion show. Apart from this performance by famous artists of North-East like Neel Akash, Rito Riba, Imnanla ,Jamir and Esther Hanamte enthralled the audience . Traditional Folk Dance of Arunachal Pradesh presented by the students of Arunachal Pradesh spell bonds the audience. Artist of Arunachala Pradesh mesmerised the audience and distinguish guest by performance of Aji Lhamu, Roppi, Hurkani, Ponung, Lion and Peacock dance, Hurkani, Buiya, Chalo, Rekham Pada, Popir and Wancho dance of arunachal pradesh . Hon’ble speaker of Arunachal Pradesh assembly shri Pasang Dorjee Sona and Resident Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh Smt. Mitali Namchoom were also present on this occasion to motivate the artists and students . Ashtalakshmi dance competition was also organized on this occasion.

The students of North East were welcomed in the program by the students of Chandigarh University with a spectacular presentation of Bhangra dance. While Kathakali Dance also enthralled the people. People danced enthusiastically on the dances like Lai Haroba of Manipur, Bamboo dance of Mizoram, Jaintia dance of Meghalaya and other dances. Apart from DU, people from North East came to study in various universities including Sharda University, Shubh Bharti University in Nest Fest. The students won the hearts of the people with their presentation. On this occasion, Michael, President of North East Students in DU, was honored by the organiser. Apart from this, Student Unions of various North-Eastern states were also honored in Delhi.

Sunil Deodhar , Founder ,My Home India and organiser of Nest Fest said, “We organize NESt Fest for freshers students of North East to help them adapt to their new environment in different cities. The platform had brought the soul together, which is vibrant, contagious and exuberant when observed in the past years. ‘NESt. Fest is the annual cultural evening to cherish the rich customs and traditions pursued by the Eight North Eastern States (Ashtalakshmi States) of India. He said, ‘NESt Fest is not just an event, it is an endeavour to envisage under one roof the concept of Ek Bharat, Shresht Bharat. This event is a golden opportunity to develop friendship with the youths of North East and put to fruition our motto “Bond of Fraternity “as we believe that the Nation can achieve greatness only when the feeling of oneness percolates to every Indian.’ The festival was first introduced in Delhi way back in 2015. Since then, MY HOME INDIA every year celebrates NESt Fest and also welcomes the fresher students of North Eastern states. The program was attended by various dignified guests like Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers from the North Eastern States and others could be part of this memorable evening.”

Hon’ble speaker of Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Shri Pasang Dorjee Sona said, under the visionary leadership of Sunil Deodhar, My Home India is doing wonderful work for North East people and government of Arunachal Pradesh always supports My Home India for their initiative for North East students and people of North East. From its inception in 2005 till date My Home India has achieved many milestones in its endeavour to encapsule the cultural diversity of North East India and create a bond of fraternity, providing a new vision to the society at large in this field.’

Sunil Deodhar said, My Home India has tried to set an example at times of difficulties faced by the nation. We have been trying to bound together all the states of North East, which had been previously riddled with sectarianism due to ethnic conflicts, diversity of language and cultural discrimination. One such effort that we are doing since 2006 is Nest Fest.The main objective of Nest Fest is to have a grand welcome to the youths coming from various states of North East to the National Capital for pursuing further studies and to provide them with a feeling of home away from home and to create a sense of bonding. We stand with our brothers of North East not only at the time of admission through helpdesk but throughout their stay. My Home India has been providing assistance 24/7 all over India through its helpline no 9321127701 aiding our brothers and sisters from North East in dire situations.

It is a beckoning sight to watch a glimpse of the beauty and cultural diversity of North East at one place. NESt. Fest provides an opportunity to present the art, culture, attire, cuisine and the festivals of North East before the people of Delhi. The Bamboo dance of Mizoram or the Loha dance of Meghalaya with their vibrant attire are mesmerising to say the least. The event had the privilege of being graced by prominent personalities such as Speaker Shri Om Birla, Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh, Smt Mary Kom, Shri Bhaichung Bhutia etc.

Speaking about our projects Hon President on 9th July 2022 said “ The activities of My Home India , especially the verticals like ‘Sapno Se Apno Tak’ that helped thousands of victims of human trafficking to reunite with the families and the ‘Rashtrawad Pe Manthan’ wherein a conscious effort to propagate right understanding about nationalism has being made is highly appreciable. The young people being made aware about nationalism is a commendable effort.” Till date we have reunited more than 3300 children with their families.

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