Nanesh TVS launches the latest range of TVS iQube electric scooters, at its Tadbund showroom!

Hyderabad, May 2022: Nanesh Automotives Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad’s first premium and leading TVS dealership with new CI norms; announced the launch of the latest series of TVS iQube electric scooters. Chief Guest Shri Debasish Mishra, Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India; unveiled the three variants of Standard TVS iQube, TVS iQube S, and the top-spec TVS iQube ST, at NANESH TVS at Tadbund junction, Secunderabad. Mr Vivek Jain, Director, Nanesh Automotives Pvt Ltd., was present on the occasion.

The newly launched updated TVS iQube electric scooters from the TVS Motor Company, come as a series consisting of three variants of standard TVS iQube, TVS iQube S, and the top-spec TVS iQube ST. The iQube base model and iQube S model give a mileage of 100 kms and the top-spec ST model gives a mileage of 140 kms. These electric scooters can reach acceleration from 0-40 kmph in less than 5 seconds. The ST variant can achieve a top speed of 82 km/h while the others can achieve a top speed of 78km/h. The daily running cost of new electric scooters is around Rs 3 per day, for an average daily commute of 20 km. The base model is priced at Rs.1,08,556 /- (Ex-Showroom Hyderabad, including FAME subsidy), while the price of the other two models is yet to be announced.

Shri Debasish Mishra speaking on the occasion said, this is one of the greatest initiatives in the green journey of the country, here we are getting rid of the fossil fuel as we will not be burning fossil fuel  you can ride 100 kms on TVS iQube electric scooters. All the concerns of climate change, global warming are due to burning of fossil fuels, therefore as soon as possible we should adopt the green initiative of the country. There is also an Income tax benefit for the loan you take from the bank for buying these vehicle. The interest that is paid on it will have an income tax exemption, that’s again a governments initiative to promote electric vehicles. This green solution will go a long way for India to tide over the geopolitical crisis, our dependence on imported fuel and will strengthen our economy. This launch is a welcome green energy and green initiative. Our country is actually fighting inflation because of the imported fuel prices, Electric vehicles is the solution not only to control inflation but also to take it to cleaner and green energy system. According to TVS representatives, just 3 units gives 100 kms mileage,  Also when bank finances the vehicle, the interest paid towards the loan is exempted from Income tax, that’s a very good initiative from Government of India. I request everyone to buy electric vehicles for the country to have greener and clean energy system.

Mr. Ravi Kiran, Zonal Manager, TVS, AP & TS; said, we launched the TVS iQube electric scooters, with an 100km range pan India through 85 dealers. The response has been overwhelming till now and pan India we are doing very well in terms of numbers. This upgraded version has 100km range, earlier it was 75 kms range. One needs to charge for 4.30 hours, the electricity consumption will be 3 units and can travel around 100 kms with that charge. As per the consumer feedback we enhanced the range to 100 kms and offering three more colour options. It has got smart phone connectivity features where you can track your vehicle, last parking location, antitheft with an alert, geofencing and several other connectivity features. It has Infotainment feature, you can switch on and off music, increase and reduce volume. In Hyderabad we have five dealers, you can visit the showrooms and have a look at it. The current waiting period for these models is 120 days.

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