Mrig Sight Media and Trending Diary Launch Collaborative Podcast Series

Noida, UP  June 08th, 2024: Mrig Sight Media, a leading Marketing and Branding agency owned by Mr. Rahul Ranjan, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Trending Diary, a popular podcast channel owned by Miss Priya Sachdeva. This partnership aims to explore new avenues and create engaging content that resonates with audiences across various sectors, beginning with the education sector.

As the first outcome of this collaboration, an insightful podcast featuring Mr. Akash Sharma, the Director of Admission and Outreach at Noida International University, was released. This session provided valuable perspectives on the current educational landscape and the essential balance between knowledge and skills development.

During the podcast, Mr. Akash Sharma highlighted, “Universities can just give knowledge, but for skills, students will have to work hard. Similarly, if students aspire to get into a good college, they must study diligently.” This statement underscores the need for a proactive approach in both education and personal development, stressing the importance of dedication and effort from students to achieve their academic and career goals. 

Priya Sachdeva, Founder of Trending Diary said that she is so happy with this collaboration and she is looking forward to having more podcasts. She said that it was a great interaction with Mr. Akash, who is a great speaker. She enjoyed his company while recording his podcast. His words were insightful and enriched the educational sector with more creative and innovative approaches. She also mentioned that the coordinators were also good and disciplined. She is seeking more personalities for her podcast series to bring more knowledge beyond the usual content. 

The collaboration between Mrig Sight Media and Trending Diary is set to bring more informative and inspiring content to their audiences. By combining the marketing and branding expertise of MrigSight Media with the engaging and insightful podcast platform of Trending Diary, both entities aim to foster a deeper understanding and discussion on critical issues. 

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