Most Reliable Logistics Companies

Logistics companies are in charge of organizing, controlling, storing, and transporting goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. The logistics and supply chain firms are the most crucial functions that simplify and minimize all transportation issues for the industry. It is expected to grow at an 8% CAGR to $650 billion by 2025. With the growing demand and competition, logistics services have been adopting cost-effective and time saving practices for gaining trust. Here are some of the most reliable logistics companies who have a proven track record of efficient deliveries and are trusted by top brands:

Jujhar Logistics :
Jujhar Constructions & Travels Private Limited is the flagship of the Jujhar Group, offering car carrier logistics and luxury passenger travel services. With over 25,000 km of route permits, the company possesses one of the largest fleet of over 375 + car carriers for logistics services across PAN india. JCTPL has state of art workshop and fabrication facilities in gurgram & with an employee strength of over 650+ employees it is one of the largest logistic providers . With the latest logistics tracking and automated software, the company is also consistently rated at the top by reputed vehicle manufactures like Maruti, Tata, Hyundai and Toyota.Under Passenger transport services Jujhar also has most luxurious fleets of 100 + Mercedes and Volvo buses . It is the preferred mode of transport for smooth intra-city travel, owing to high levels of customer satisfaction and an impeccable safety record.


IBC specializes in global shipping and has the flexibility to quickly customize logistic services. It has access to over 18 network interfaces, 59 gateways, and 220 countries and regions to keep packages moving on time and within budget. By combining ground and air transportation, cargo handling expertise, strategic partnerships, and more than 30 years of global logistics experience, the company is dedicated to providing a door-to-door facility for all commodities.

R Sai:

R Sai is an expert in automotive, primary minerals, heavy manufacturing, white goods, and faster-than-light cargo. The company strives to establish a family-like relationship with each of its customers and thoroughly understands their unique requirements. Their entire team, which is equipped with cutting-edge logistics technology, is dedicated to providing the most dependable, secure, and cost-effective solution. It has grown to 2000 self-owned vehicles, 23 locations spread across 14 states, and a workforce of approximately 4000 people.


With a massive and widespread presence across the country, DGFC is a Leading Indian Intermodal Integrated Supply Chain & Logistic Strategies Provider. It has a large setup of 40 branch locations, 3800 employees, a large good service core, and a well-performing script for a large client list. It can meet any customer demand on a fully diluted basis, thanks to the expertise gained over five decades, a customer-centric approach, and global assets.

Transport Corporation of India (TCI group):

TCI Group (Transport Corporation of India) is India’s leading provider of multisensory logistics and supply chain solutions. As “Leaders in Logistics,” TCI aims to improve existing services, processes, and efficiency. With expert knowledge spanning six decades and transportation systems that include a vast network of 1400+ company-owned branches, 12 million square feet of safety stock, a fantastic team of 6000+ skilled workers, and a systematic approach. Their reach has grown to provide seamless multimodal transportation services in both domestic and international markets.

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