Max Value Hotels and Resorts Enhances Operations with HostBooks Software

Mumbai, India, May: HostBooks, a leading provider of business automation software, has partnered with Max Value Hotels and Resorts to streamline and optimize their financial and operational management.


Max Value Hotels and Resorts, a significant player in Mumbai’s hospitality sector, has faced challenges in managing their 150-room facility for over 15 years. The competitive nature of the industry, coupled with fragmented operating procedures and decentralized accounting systems, presented substantial obstacles. The need for a transformative solution was clear—one that could unify financial data and streamline compliance management.

The introduction of HostBooks at Max Value Hotels marked a pivotal moment in their operational journey. The software addressed key issues such as consolidating financial data and managing inventory, resulting in improved efficiency and streamlined operations.

Rathnaraj Livingston, Director of Global Business Head and Chief Business Officer-HORECA, emphasized the significance of the deployment, stating, “I am thrilled with the collaboration. HostBooks will help Max Value Hotels increase efficiency and standardize their operations. We have seen tangible results within days of installation.”

Abbas Hussain, Director of Max Value Hotels and Resorts, praised the exceptional support provided by HostBooks team members Dr. Rathnaraj Livingston, Mahesh, and Nitin. He noted that 80% of accounts were settled within the early months of implementation. He highlighted HostBooks’ numerous features, such as cloud-based convenience, and recommended it for the hotel industry. The successful deployment has improved operational effectiveness, generated cost savings, and positioned Max Value Hotels for sustained success in the competitive hospitality sector.

The integrated system enabled centralized control over operations, optimizing processes and enhancing cooperation among various departments. With centralized purchasing and distribution management, procurement procedures were streamlined, leading to cost savings across the hotel.

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