Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket Launches Specialised Cardiology OPD Services at Max Med Centre Srinagar

Max Super Speciality Hospital Saket Launches Specialised Cardiology OPD Services at Max Med Centre SrinagarSrinagarMax Super Specialty HospitalSaket today announced the launch of its exclusive OPD services for cardiology, at the Max Med Centre in Srinagar. The OPD launch is yet another patient-centric step taken by the hospital to empower patients with accessibility and quality healthcare services without the inconvenience of travelling to another city.

The OPD Services were launched in the presence of Dr. Balbir Singh, Group Chairman – Cardiac Sciences, Pan Max & Chief of Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology, Max Super Speciality HospitalSaket who will be available for primary consultations at Max Med Centre on 2nd Saturday of every month from 10 AM to 1 PM. The aim of this OPD launch is to redefine the healthcare landscape by bringing together exceptional medical professionals and cutting-edge technologies to offer specialised care.

During the launch, Dr. Balbir Singh, Group Chairman – Cardiac Sciences, Max Super Speciality HospitalSaket, said ““Patients often overlook the early signs of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), which may include chest pain, pressure, or heaviness (indicating angina), pain in the jaw, left shoulder, arms, elbows, or back, shortness of breath (dyspnoea), cold sweat, nausea, fatigue, light-headedness, or fainting. These symptoms can vary from person to person and patients may present at different stages of the disease. Many patients who experience multiple heart attacks or have dilated cardiomyopathy eventually develop advanced heart failure.”

Dr Singh added “Technological advancements have played a pivotal role in shaping interventional cardiology. Recent innovations in cardiac surgery, including minimally invasive techniques, transcatheter procedures, 3D printing, and regenerative medicine. These innovations have improved patient outcomes, reduced invasiveness, and expanded treatment options, marking an exciting era in cardiac surgery. This not only ensures effective treatment but also enhances patients’ overall quality of life. With these advancements, we have achieved a remarkable success rate even in complex procedures.”

Max Super Speciality HospitalSaket we offer tertiary care for complex cardiac cases, including both interventional and medical management. The centre boasts 24×7 availability of comprehensive cardiac facilities, establishing itself as a centre of excellence for cardiac care. The Hospital also has expertise in performing complex cases like TAVI, Device implantation, leadless pacemakers etc.

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