Lyne rolls out their pocket-friendly Power Boxes

Home-grown consumer electronics brand Lyne by U&i has launched a series of accessories for customers to choose from, at very affordable prices. With great attention given to its design as well as user-friendly features, the mobile accessories brand offers a set of products such as power banks, phone chargers, earphones, earbuds, headphones, smart watches, neck bands, etc. One of the notable products in the series of Lyne products is the power bank range called Power Box, which comes packed with some distinguishing features.

After the introduction of portable power banks, charging has been a much easier task on the go. In fact, power banks have been considered lifesavers during situations like power cuts and long journeys.

Lyne’s power banks are known for their capacity and convenience. The Power Box series ensures fast charging both for mobile phones and the power bank itself with their high-amperage power.

The compact and light-designed power bank is portable and travel-friendly as well. The extra backup of these power banks varies from 46-92 hours. The category provides the following variants:

PowerBox 1

The PowerBox 1 comes with a 20K mAh battery capacity. It provides you with 92 hours of extra backup, keeping your devices running for a prolonged period of time. The dual USB ports of the power bank allow simultaneous charging of devices, saving time and energy. It has a small LED indicator that displays the battery life of the device. It has a compact and slick design that adds to the convenience of using it.

PowerBox 3

Similar to the other power banks in this category, the PowerBox 3 also has a 10K mAh battery capacity, providing 46 hours of extra backup. It ensures the charging of multiple devices with its 4-in-1 feature and high-speed charging. Like the other power banks in this category, the PowerBox 3 also has an LED battery indicator.

PowerBox 4

The PowerBox 4 power bank, with its 10K mAh battery, allows the charging of multiple devices without the need to recharge the power bank every now and then. This product comes with an attached phone holder to provide the convenience of working while your device is on charge. Apart from these, it also comprises the 5-in-1 feature, allowing effective, simultaneous, and faster charging, and a LED indicator to show the battery status of the power bank.

PowerBox 7

Powered by a 10K mAh battery, the Powerbox 7, with its 46 hours of extra battery backup, is a perfect power bank to charge any of your devices for longer than the desired time. The 7-in-1 feature of the power bank makes it compatible, allowing it to power up different devices easily in a single go. The device also has an LED indicator displaying the battery status.

Power banks are practical tools to meet your demands for emergency charging in case your device’s battery runs out. These products have large battery capacities that allow you to charge several gadgets at once. Power Box by Lyne are available in various shades, are budget-friendly, and have both USB and Micro USB connectivity options included to provide compatibility for all devices. They are durable and compatible to carry around with ease, and make for a great choice to choose from for an impressive performance at all times.

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