List of 5 construction tech companies in India

The construction industry is relatively slow when it comes to innovation, so construction startups are taking advantage of the rising need for digitization to get the industry up to speed. In a world of rapidly advancing technology, the most successful construction startups achieve the perfect balance between developing cutting-edge technologies and leaving room for change.

Here are some active construction tech platforms that are bringing change and disrupting the construction tech space :


Powerplay – An end-to-end construction management SaaS platform that aids in the simplification of communication and synergizing collaboration within project teams in the construction industry.

A free version is available for site & office teams to use on android & iOS. Powerplay’s premium products – project management, financial management, and procurement management are made for the office teams and are available on their web app.

In4 Velocity:

In4Velocity is a leading provider of Real Estate and Construction Management Software. Its award-winning ERP software – In4Suite – is used daily by over 50,000+ users to manage complex construction activities and customer-related sales transactions. In4Suite covers all key processes within a Real Estate and Construction firm including Sales, CRM, Construction Planning, Estimation, Procurement, Rental & Leasing, Facilities Management, Document Management, HR, Payroll, and Finance.

Real Builder:

The construction management software helps monitor the construction projects ideally and varies the materials and other resources costs. The software improves efficiency, robust monitoring on contractors’ billing, DPR Tracking, and BOM / BOQ Analysis, and manages all aspects of the project, from budgets to final invoices, prioritizing the project’s progress.


Huviair is a construction technology company that helps businesses to enhance on-site productivity and reduce progress monitoring time while cutting down on overall project costs.

Huviair’s visual intelligence technology is leveraged by top management to gain more visibility and control at all stages of construction while giving them actionable insights that drive down costs. Drones, 360 cameras and Huviair’s analytics ensure speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Huviair aims to reduce wastage in the construction sector and make developers more profitable.


Dorocon specializes in ready-to-set prefabricated modular buildings. The modular units are made of steel framing with a combination of HR and LG Steel. The units are fully furnished with interior finishes in the factory before arriving at the site. Duro con modular buildings are durable and can be used in a variety of sectors including Hospitality, Student Accommodation, Hospital rooms, Vacation Homes, and more.

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