LG Electronics launches MyView Smart Monitors

New Delhi, 2nd April 2024 – LG Electronics India, a leading consumer durables brand in the country, recently launched its LG MyView Smart Monitor which is designed for home office and for entertainment. Watch favorite content effortlessly with various streaming apps, and set up a home office environment instantly, with a connected PC or PC-free. Featuring Full HD IPS displays (1920×1080), these monitors offer captivating visuals with heightened contrast and lifelike detail from every perspective.

The LG MyView Smart Monitors provides seamless viewing and next level of entertainment with revolutionary webOS23 platform. Viewers can enjoy a vast array of streaming content including movies, dramas, and TV shows without the hassle of connecting to other devices. With a simple click, one can immerse themselves in their favourite content, free from worries about device compatibility or bandwidth issues.

LG MyView Smart Monitors

The LG MyView Monitors offer seamless connectivity features. Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker ensures easy internet access and audio device connection without the hassle of messy cables. With support for Apple AirPlay2 and ScreenShare, wirelessly stream content from your mobile devices to the monitor with just a click.

Commenting on the launch, Yoojae Kim, Director B2B, LG Electronics India said, “We are thrilled to unveil the innovative LG MyView Smart Monitors-32SR50F and 27SR50F that redefine work efficiency and leisure. With Full HD displays, viewers can immerse in captivating visuals, and explore the next level of entertainment with webOS23 platform, offering seamless streaming and hassle-free connectivity. These monitors promise to assure an elevated experience, merging brilliance with convenience. LG stays committed to crafting technology that enhances user interactions.”.

LG’s webOS 23 platform simplifies life with personalized content recommendations and direct streaming access without additional device connections. MyView Smart Monitor ensures seamless viewing, eliminating HDCP 2.1 concerns.

Viewers can enjoy rich entertainment with built-in streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, and Apple TV. Also, you can get tailored contents recommendations and enjoy built-in apps such as Music and Sports. LG Mood Music offers personalized playlists, while sports fans can tailor profiles for convenient viewing. MyView Smart Monitor notifies users of upcoming games, ensuring they never miss excitement.

LG Smart Monitor enhances enjoyment with Quick Card categorization and AI Concierge recommendations. Indulge in a viewer-centric experience with instinctive content selection. Keep it simple with webOS 23.

LG Channels provides access to over 300 free programs without requiring a set-top box, allowing users to conveniently access titles directly via remote control as long as it remains connected to the internet. Monitor remote must be purchased separately to ensure complete functionality and convenience for your monitoring experience. Additionally, LG’s built-in Home Office software enables seamless performance of various work-related tasks without the need to connect to a PC, enhancing workflow efficiency for a productive home office experience.

MyView Smart Monitor acts as a webOS-based IoT hub, linking to various smart home appliances. Manage devices via mobile phone or voice command for smarter living.

The LG MyView Smart Monitor supports AirPlay 2 and ScreenShare, facilitating seamless mirroring for both iOS and Android devices. With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, device connections are simplified, enhancing productivity. LG users can directly connect a keyboard and mouse to the monitor for seamless usability. The ThinQ App provides intuitive control from smartphones, allowing effortless adjustment of settings and navigation for a streamlined user experience.

Model 27SR50F

The 27SR50F, a 27-inch Full HD monitor boasting a crisp 1920×1080 resolution. Its sleek design features a virtually borderless display on three sides, offering an expansive viewing experience. With a wide 178/178 viewing angle, users can enjoy consistent visuals from any position. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports and two USB 2.0 ports, while integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, ScreenShare, and AirPlay 2* support ensure seamless wireless connections. Powered by the innovative webOS23 platform, this monitor also features internal speakers delivering 5W x2 of audio output, providing both stunning visuals and immersive sound for enhanced viewing.

Model 32SR50F

The 32SR50F, a 32-inch Full HD monitor with a vibrant 1920×1080 resolution. Its sleek design features a four-sided virtually borderless display, providing a wide-ranging viewing encounter. With a wide 178/178 viewing angle, users can enjoy visuals from every angle. Connectivity options include two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports. Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, ScreenShare, and AirPlay 2* support ensure seamless wireless connections. Powered by the innovative webOS23 platform, this monitor also features internal speakers delivering 5W x2 of audio output, providing both striking visuals and enveloping sound.

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