October 3, 2023
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Leading philanthropists launch GivingPi to unlock $1 billion by 2030 for an inclusive India

Mumbai, July 2022: At our current rate of social impact, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will not be achieved until 2094, 64 years after the deadline of 2030. To accelerate India’s journey towards achieving these SDG’s, leading philanthropists and Dasra have come together to launch GivingPi – India’s first and exclusive family philanthropy network. This invite-only network is being launched in August, and is focused on growing the ecosystem of family philanthropy for a transformed India, where a billion thrive with dignity and equity.

By 2030, GivingPi aims to have 5,000 members, annually giving $1 billion to diverse social causes in India. The network is committed to creating a vibrant community of family givers by supporting them on their giving journey, nurturing collaboration and growing family philanthropy, for an inclusive India. Families can be involved with any cause or approach, but need to be contributing a minimum of INR 50L, annually, towards the development sectorin India.

GivingPi, focused on family giving by philanthropists for philanthropists, is founded by the support of Aditi and Rishad Premji, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Manisha and Ashish Dhawan, Nikhil Kamath, Nisa Godrej, Rajan Navani, Rohini Nilekani, Skoll Foundation, Tara Singh Vachani, Vasvi Bharat Ram and Vivek Jain.

The GivingPi network will provide philanthropy focused offerings such as connections to credible NGOs and trusted philanthropy advisors, peer networking, theme-based learning and collaborative funding opportunities while also mainstreaming the narrative around family philanthropy in India. Members of this community will share and learn from lived experiences and insights, thereby accelerating their own giving journeys and collectively grow India’s giving pie.

Currently, India has 113 billionaires and 6,884 ultra high-net-worth individuals, expected to grow to 12,000 in the next 5 years. As per Bain and Company and Dasra’s, India Philanthropy Report 2021, if these families are inspired to give in line with their global peers, family philanthropy could generate an additional annual investible corpus of INR 60,000 to 100,000 crores for the development sector in India. GivingPi aims to catalyze a philanthropic movement led by families aspiring to individually and collectively solve India’s biggest development challenges and close the giving gap.

Ms. Neera Nundy, Co-Founder, Dasra, remarked, “Families are powerful constructs for driving social change but their giving gets overshadowed by CSR. Family philanthropy has tremendous potential that once unleashed can be transformative forIndia’s development.”

Mr. Jyotirmoy Chatterji, Head of GivingPi, said “We aim to reach 200 members this year, and are already close to reaching our goal of 75 select members by India@75. This will be the largest network of family givers for India and will ignite collective benefits for all.”

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