Fashinza Khadi Fashion Show

Khadi Fashion Show for Specially-Abled Children, promoted by Fashinza

Lucknow, 13 October 2022: Showcasing the talents of specially-abled children, Fashinza partnered with Lucknow Chapter of Round Table India and Ladies Circle India to promote a special khadi fashion show. The khadi fashion show for specially-abled children is Fashinza’s effort to provide specially-abled children with opportunities to express and enjoy themselves, promoting equality and diversity. Fashinza, the AI-driven B2B marketplace and real-time global supply chain for fashion brands and retailers, also pledged funds worth Rs. 2 lakh towards the immediate development needs of specially-abled children.

Fashinza supports specially-abled children with a view that no child should be deprived of the small joys of life or be confined to their perceived safe places. Fashinza strongly believes that brands and socially responsible organizations need to come forward and contribute to a nurturing environment for specially-abled children. Fashinza hoped to make a meaningful contribution to the overall development of specially-abled children through the financial support extended by it. It’s critical for different stakeholders within the society to come together and drive initiatives that help in intellectual development and enhance the social behavior of specially-abled children.

Commenting on Fashinza’s commitment to supporting the cause of children and rooting for causes important for their overall development, Pawan Gupta, CEO & Co-founder of Fashinza said, “At Fashinza, as an organization and brand, we are committed to encouraging inclusivity and diversity not just at the workplace but beyond. Our association with specially-abled children reinforces our commitment to providing them with avenues and platforms to express themselves freely without inhibitions.”

Pawan Gupta added, “Supporting a fashion show is a small gesture from Fashinza to bring a smile to the faces of these children and provide them with another avenue to express their creative and fun side.”

The Khadi fashion show was held at Clarks Awadh Hotel, Lucknow. The event was a massive success with the participation of 100 children in the age group of 8 to 15. Fashinza partnered with Round Table India and Ladies Circle India for this noble cause. Round Table India and Ladies Circle India are voluntary organizations engaged in promoting various community service activities across the country supporting underprivileged communities including children.

“We appreciate and support Fashinza’s contribution towards the development of specially-abled children. Brands and corporates need to come forward and follow Fashinza’s example to support specially-abled children. Along with empathy we need financial resources to support the early physical and intellectual developmental needs of the specially-abled children,” said Shaloni Agarwal, Chairperson – Lucknow chapter of Ladies Circle India.

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