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Jisora launches plus-size apparel collection for full-figured women

To ensure comfort, style and leisure to women of all sizes and shapes, Jisora has introduced a new range of affordable plus-size fashion apparel for women with stout physiques. Jisora aimed at addressing the wardrobe needs of women, who are often overlooked by clothing brands and have limited options to adorn themselves in outfits of their own choice. The latest collection includes apparel ranging from sizes XL to 6 XL. The loungewear section of Jisora consists of ensembles embellished with beautiful prints and set in bright and vibrant hues.

“The fashion industry has witnessed significant transformations as a result of women’s acceptance of their curvier bodies. Plus-size fashion has risen in popularity as acceptance and awareness of body positivity have evolved. Plus-size fashion has given curvier women the flexibility to wear whatever they want and yet feel good about themselves. It’s true that big is magnificent,” noted Jisora co-founder Khusboo Sethi.

Co-founder Tushar Sethi added, “Plus-size clothing has been largely neglected for years, with only a few unknown brands producing clothing for this demographic. However, the market is slowly growing in India and Jisora’s new collection of plus-sized apparel, comprising a wide range of kaftan and pyjama sets, ensures a seamless harmony between style and comfort.”

One key challenge in shopping for plus-sized apparel has been the stark difference in price range depending on the size of the clothes. “Our aim is to do away with any such discrepancies. The Jisora products have been designed to be fashionable and comfortable, while also being highly affordable. The price range of the new collection starts at a meager Rs 1000 while the highest price is only Rs 1500,” said co-founder Mehul Sethi. “Jisora assures women of all sizes and shapes- comfort, style, and leisure at prices that don’t burn a hole in their pockets,” added co-founder Kavya Sethi.

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