IPM India Celebrates Father’s Day by Honoring the new age ‘Super-Dads’

India, 20 June 2022: IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited (‘IPM India’) salutes the forbearing nature of fatherhood this Father’s Day. The involvement of fathers in co-parenting has evolved overtime. The conception of a father as a distant breadwinner has changed to a more holistic co-parent. Some independent researchers have highlighted that involved fatherhood is linked to better outcomes on nearly every measure of child wellbeing. Similarly, this involvement, transforms new-age fathers to be a productive and aspirational leader in their workspaces.

What is interesting and fundamental is that ‘Fatherhood’ is many times instrumental in the evolution of the highest form of leadership. It underscores strengths & learnings which are intrinsic to professional growth and management – like ownership, accountability, dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and mentorship – pivotal to team building and driving business with empathy and heart!

Fathers Day

Sharing his perspective, Alexander Reisch, Managing Director, IPM India said – “On Father’s Day, as I reflect, I can easily say that being a father transforms you, evolves you – how you engage with people, your teams, keeping empathy & compassion at the core of all operations. Fatherhood taught me to how to plan for the unexpected and strike a healthy balance & compromise when the situation demands for it. As a business leader and a father, my biggest learning was to never give up and to always be prepared to shift your strategy when life or business throws you a curve ball.

Infact at IPM India we’re also constantly transforming for a future ready, new age work culture, in line have policies to support and empower fathers in being able to contribute equally to their personal and professional lives. This is an essential component in our endeavor of fostering an egalitarian, inclusive and diverse space at work.  In order to encourage men to balance their personal and professional lives, the ‘Circle In’ platform was introduced. This platform supports employees with their caregiving & parental responsibilities, at each stage of their parenthood journey. Additionally, it also provisions for employees who manage parents and other caregivers in their teams. The platform encompasses tools and stories to enhance productivity, physical & mental well-being and engagement. Further, a parental leave option for all caregivers to focus on their new-born or newly adopted child is also provided.”

On Father’s Day, super-dads of IPM India, shared their learnings of being an impeccable father even in the way that they are being at work.

Unmesh Khambete, Director Sales, IPM India said – “I will soon celebrate 11th birthday of my daughter which also brings 11th anniversary of my fatherhood & what an incredible experience it has been. When I reflect back, I find that in one’s effort of becoming a good father one tends to unlearn, learn & hone certain traits which ultimately also play a very important role in making you a better leader! A few top ones for me are — Patience, Ability to listen & Empathy! & Trust me they are key to your success throughout your journey of fatherhood & leadership both!!” 

Arunabh Suman, Senior Counsel, IPM India said – “Being a father always gives you unparalleled pleasure but it also comes with a sharp  sense of responsibility. I realized this quite early that I will have to be a role model to my child. I needed to set strong example in being a good listener, a visionary and a problem solver – these qualities are not only essential in their overall development and growth, but also in times to come will be instrumental in being a successful and exemplary leader!” 

Sumeer Chopra, Manager – Risk & Control, IPM India said – “What stands out for me, most recently, is the time I had during the pandemic with my son, there was so much going on that his little mind was processing and how as his father I had to effectively communicate with an ‘always on’ approach of simplifying things for him – of purpose, values and passion. Fatherhood  has also pushed me to ask the right questions! This made me realize how crucial empathetic listening is –  that it is first important to fully understand and then to be understood in a way that’s relevant & clear to everyone you’re engaging with. This skill is imperative in life as well as when at work with teams and stakeholders – aligning on a common vision, mission, and objective.” 

Gaurav Khaitan, Manager – Accounting & Tax, IPM India said – “Fatherhood is a rewarding experience. Selflessness, learning from failure and adaptability have been pivots to my journey, as a parent. It is really interesting how these qualities have propelled my corporate growth and engagement with my team. In the precious last 9 years, with my daughter – while doing my normal tasks with her, in cooked meals for her, playing with her, dressing her, preparing her for her exams-  I have realized how effortlessly I am able to put her needs before everything else. This applies in a leadership role too — where you do things for your team’s success. Observing her learn to paddle a cycle, falling, hurting herself and re-trying is a great example of why failing is so important. Failure is the learning curve to success. Lastly, fatherhood has taught me to be adaptable. Everything is unexpected when dealing with children, similarly as leaders, we need to adapt to the environment with same compassion & confidence.” 

Ram Prakash Singh, Area Sales Manager, IPM India said – “The quality time spent with our families determines who we are as parents & it matters to who we are at work. The skills we learn as we engage in parenting ought to transfer into our work, and vice versa. My children are probably my best and most honest judges; they provide the most direct, trusting performance evaluation I will ever get. I can reflect on what they teach me to be better leader, and I can use what I learn at work to be a better parent.”

Sakil Alam, Procurement Analyst, IPM India said –  “We all know how much work-life balance and family priorities are crucial to our company. I remember when I was on my journey to fatherhood, how well the company supported me during those days. Fortunately, I was able to reach my hometown before my baby arrived. Even after delivery we faced a lot of challenge as my son got diagnosed with jaundice and had to be hospitalised. At the time, IPM allowed me the leave flexibility to merge the casual and sick leave together to compensate the entire period of time off. Considering my family was in my hometown until recently, IPM has always supported me as and when there’s a need to visit them. I am glad to be part of this company and proudly say that this is really great place to work”.

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