Indrive Freight Trucks Delivered 200 Boxes Provided by an Egyptian Food Bank From Trips Donation to Poor Districts in Cairo

Indrive Freight Trucks Delivered 200 Boxes Provided by an Egyptian Food Bank From Trips Donation to Poor Districts in Cairo

inDrive active involvement in the Egyptian community and its commitment to making a positive impact, especially during Ramadan. inDrive Egypt team Participating in the packing process for Ramada boxes alongside Egyptian Food Bank employees demonstrates a hands-on approach and genuine dedication to the cause.

The contents of the boxes are essential staples that can contribute significantly to meeting the nutritional needs of families during both Iftar and Suhoor meals throughout Ramadan, which contains sugar, rice, pasta, beans, flour, lentils, dates, oil, tomato sauce, tea, cheese, and salt.

Offering free rides on trucks for the Egyptian Food Bank to deliver over 200 boxes via inDrive.Freight to impoverished districts in Cairo is a remarkable gesture of corporate social responsibility. By providing logistical support without cost, inDrive.Freight not only facilitates the transportation of essential supplies but also demonstrates a commitment to serving the community in times of need.

This collaboration between inDrive.Freight and the Egyptian food bank ensures that the Ramadan boxes reach their intended recipients efficiently and effectively, further amplifying the impact of the initiative.

Moaz Harab Business development for inDrive freight in Egypt stated that :” Delivering over 200 boxes to impoverished districts in Cairo through inDrive Freight showcases an efficient and effective means of reaching those in need. Such initiatives not only provide immediate relief but also foster a sense of solidarity and support within the community. It’s heartening to see companies like inDrive stepping up to address food insecurity and contribute to the well-being of their fellow citizens during such a significant time”.

inDrive provided the 35,000 food boxes using revenue earned from trips. The campaign counted all rides taken during the month, with each ride worth “circles of kindness”. This will continue until 120M circles of kindness are attained within the 30 day period. The proceeds are donated to assist needy families struggling amid the current economic conditions.

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