Indian High Commissioner of Dar Es Salaam boosts India-Tanzania ties with the inaugural Friendship Run led by fitness icon Milind Soman, starting December 30, 2023

Indian High Commissioner of Dar Es Salaam boosts India-Tanzania ties with the inaugural Friendship Run led by fitness icon Milind Soman, starting December 30, 2023Mumbai December 29, 2023: The Indian High Commission in Dar Es Salaam, under the leadership of High Commissioner Mr. Binaya Pradhan, proudly announces the commencement of the first-ever Friendship Run. This unique initiative celebrates the deep-rooted relationship between India and Tanzania and is scheduled to take place in Dar Es Salaam on the 30th and 31st of December 2023.

The Friendship Run spans a total distance of 128 kilometers over two days, with Day 1 covering a 64-kilometer route from Dar Es Salaam to Bagamoyo and Day 2 reversing the course. The route showcases the scenic beauty of Tanzania, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bagamoyo, once a vital trading port.

Renowned supermodel and fitness icon, Milind Soman, the Ambassador of Fit India, is the face of the run. He has endorsed and organized similar runs globally for the past decade. Milind Soman shared his excitement about the initiative, remarking, “The Indian High Commission in Tanzania’s decision to host the Friendship Run is truly commendable. There should be more opportunities like this, uniting people from different countries, not exclusively athletes, in expansive and inclusive gatherings. It’s a delightful means to exchange and celebrate our diverse cultures while discovering ways to infuse enjoyment and healthy practices into our daily routines.”

Additionally, he emphasized, “I am honored to serve as the face of this Friendship Run. Covering over 60 kilometers a day for two days in the heat of an East African summer presents its challenges, but the experience promises to be enjoyable. I am pleased to witness the growing acknowledgment of running as an endurance sport in India. With one of the fastest-growing running populations globally, India is reaping the profound benefits of endurance running, parallel to Yoga, positively impacting the mental and physical well-being of individuals from various backgrounds and societal levels. The enduring value of this sport cannot be overstated, shaping the well-being of present and future generations in India.”

The run will commence at 6 am from ‘the Green’ in Dar Es Salaam, inaugurated by a senior Tanzanian government official. Local runners will join the route, and at every three water stations, “Ngoma Drummers” will entertain the participants en route to Bagamoyo.

Upon reaching Bagamoyo, runners will receive a traditional Tanzanian welcome. The second day will see the return journey to Dar Es Salaam, culminating in a grand reception at ‘The Green’ with an enthusiastic crowd, aerial fireworks, musical performances, and dignitary speeches.

Ankita Konwar, Milind Soman’s wife, will also participate in the Friendship Run. Milind Soman emphasized that the run promotes not only physical well-being but also fosters cultural exchange and understanding between nations. Many delegations of runners from both India and Tanzania will participate in The Friendship Run.

The Friendship Run exemplifies the power of sports to bring people together. As India’s running population grows rapidly, initiatives like these create opportunities for cultural exchange and collaboration between nations. Milind Soman’s perspective on the potential of sports to unite people at the most basic human level resonates with the ethos of the Friendship Run, which goes beyond athletic endeavors to promote understanding, acceptance, and the celebration of diverse cultures

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