Indian Fashion Talents Set to Dazzle at Moscow Fashion Week

In a significant development for Indian fashion, two spectacular labels, NBC brand and Geisha Designs, are poised to unveil their latest collections on the global stage at the upcoming Moscow Fashion Week (MFW).

Scheduled from March 1 to 8, this prestigious event in the Russian capital, the biggest city in Europe, will feature a diverse array of over 120 designers from Russia and around the world, including Egypt, Indonesia, China, South Africa, and Tunisia.

This international platform offers a perfect opportunity for both established and rising design talents to present their work to a global audience, fostering new connections and unveiling groundbreaking fashion narratives. Streamed live and covered by media in 50 countries, including Europe and North America, MFW typically draws in more than 70,000 spectators and 5 million digital viewers every season. Alongside runway shows, Moscow Fashion Week enamel a professional showroom viewed by over 300 boutiques from across Russia, various lectures, masterclasses, and a platform to exhibit and sell local brands.

The participation of Indian designers in Moscow fashion shows is not unprecedented. Reflecting on the success of the BRICS+ Fashion Summit in November 2023, where Indian talents including Ritesh Kumar, Naushad Ali, Gaurav Khanijo, and Shruti Sancheti were warmly received and globally publicized, this year’s showcase promises to further solidify the bond between Indian creativity and the Russian fashion aficionado. Notably, Paras Bairoliya of Geisha Designs, who significantly contributed to the Summit as a speaker, will be returning to the Moscow Fashion Week runway with his latest collection.

Geisha Designs: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Renowned for their unique reinterpretation of classic Indian silhouettes, designers Paras Bairoliya and Shalini Jaikaria of Geisha Designs bring their internationally acclaimed work to Moscow. With features in Paris Fashion Week, Coterie New York, and Dubai Fashion Week, their brand is a global ambassador for Indian elegance, available in over 200 premium stores worldwide. Their meticulous attention to detail, using traditional Indian sequins, beads, and embroidery in innovative combinations, creates sophisticated and luxurious ensembles.

NBC Brand: Emotion Through Fashion

Likewise, the NBC brand, under the creative direction of Nitin Bal Chauhan, is set to captivate the international audience with its unique blend of storytelling and sartorial innovation. With collaborations with Walt Disney, Huawei, and Monsoon, and presentations at fashion weeks in London, Tokyo, and Jakarta, Chauhan’s “theatrical fashion” promises an engaging narrative experience, brought to life through hand-painted techniques and experimental design.

Moscow Fashion Week is a leading international platform, spotlighting designers from emerging markets. Based in Russia, it showcases innovation in the global fashion industry, drawing a diverse roster of designers from around the world. MFW brings together the global fashion community for a week of shows, networking and discoveries.

The event will unfold amidst the historic architectural gems of Moscow – the Central Exhibition Hall ‘Manege’, located next to the Kremlin, and the spectacular International Russia Expo at VDNH. An assembly of luminaries will attend in support of this global fashion symposium, echoing the grand union of cinema and style. The star-list of Moscow Fashion Week includes: Chinese actress Lily Ji, known for her roles in the international blockbusters Pacific Rim: Uprising and Abduction; Turkish actress Gizem Karaca, famous for her films and TV series Safir and Elli Kelimelik Mektuplar; and guest of honor Italian actress Ornella Muti, who has played roles in the cult films Flash Gordon, Oscar and many others.

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