November 28, 2023

IMC joins Pyth network


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Global market maker IMC announced today that it has joined the Pyth network, a next generation oracle solution designed to deliver real-time, high fidelity, market data on the blockchain on a sub-second timescale. As an initial step, IMC will publish real-time cryptocurrency price data onto the network and look to expand into other asset classes in scope as the network continues to scale. There are now over 65 publishers providing first-party quality data into Pyth across crypto assets, equities, FX, and metals.

Arno de Quaasteniet, Chief Technology Officer at IMC, said, “We have always recognized the value of technology as a driver for more efficient and transparent financial markets. We see the vast potential blockchain technologies bring to this, and naturally want to support innovators, such as Pyth, who are actively pushing boundaries in this space.”

“This partnership once again demonstrates the strength of Pyth’s community, bridging the gap between ‘TradFi’ and ‘DeFi’,” commented Stephen Kaminsky, special projects at Jump Crypto, one of the leading institutions behind Pyth.

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