IG International receives first batch of cherries from Stemilt after disbanding old protocol

IG International receives first batch of cherries from Stemilt after disbanding old protocol

National, 8th September, 2022: IG International, one of India’s leading fresh fruit importers, has revealed that it has received the first batch of luscious cherries from the USA after the elimination of the fumigation process that was a prerequisite with the former protocol. The company has secured the shipment from Stemilt, global leader in shipping sweet cherries.The consignment of cherries arrived just 10 days after the notification was published to discontinue the old protocol. The new protocol will speed up the process of importing cherries from the US by 4 weeks.

Stemilt Growers is a family-owned business that dates back over 100 years, spanning six generations of the closely-knit Mathison family. The company packs and markets World Famous Fruit, including fresh apples, pears, cherries, stone fruits, and organic tree fruits. It is .a leading cherry grower, packer and marketer with operations in California and Washington that leads to continuous supply during U.S. summer months. The brand has several special offerings which are their registered trademarks, including Rave® apples, Happi Pear®, and A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® cherries.

Acclaimed as the leading fresh fruit importer in India, IG International is entrenched with a renowned reputation for more than 50 years in this market segment. The company’s organized and strategic sourcing system, augmented by a seamless supply chain with a well-connected overseas procurement network, enables them to import best-of-breed fruits from 22 different countries. \

Shubha Rawal, COO, sourcing and marketing at IG International, expressed her thoughts after receiving the shipment, she said, “We are extremely elated to receive the very best cherries from the USA, shipped by Stemilt Growers. Having sourced from the leading growers of first-grade cherries, we at IG International are confident that we’ll be able to put these ambrosial fruits in the fruit baskets of every Indian cherry lover. This quality of import reflects our commitment to serve nothing but the very best and superior quality of fruit to our patrons.”

“IG International is one of the leading fresh fruit importers in India and we are delighted to source our world-renowned cherries for the Indian market. At Stemilt, it has always been about cultivating the freshest and best fruits to delight people. With IG International, we are assured that these top-quality and juicy cherries will reach most parts of India and set the Indian fruit palate for an enthrallingly unique experience.” said Brianna Shales, Marketing Director at Stemilt.

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