IF.BE Presents the 4th Edition of LXMI.inc: An Entrepreneurship Conference for Women

IF.BE Presents the 4th Edition of LXMI.inc: An Entrepreneurship Conference for WomenHoused in one of South Asia’s oldest ice factories conserved and refashioned, IF.BE hosted LXMI.inc – an entrepreneurship conference especially for women. It’s an initiative that aims at easing access for women to industry-specific knowledge, training, and corporate networks, all while facilitating business education for women.

The event took place on 29th June, 2024 where industry leaders from different walks of life attended the event. In a conference centred around women in business, Creative Entrepreneur and Event Manager of Spoken Fest, Roshan Abbas quoted “Stand on the shoulder of giants to see the horizon. No two dreams are ever alike. Make your game plan”. Gunjan Arya, CEO of OML shared her insights on turning ideas into impact where she quoted, “You are only as good as the value you provide to someone else, most relationships are about setting and meeting expectations.” Esteemed Director, Producer, Writer Shonali Bose also graced the event where she said, “Have the courage and fearlessness to be able to change your mind at any age – be it about your career or your life.” Speakers also included were Apurva Chamaria Head of Startups, Venture capital, Google India, Mukul Deora Founder & CEO, LAVA Media, Kirti Poonia Co-founder, Caimera.ai, Sonia Dubey Dewan Founder & CEO, Indian School Of Image Management, and Elsie Nanji Design and Creative Consultant.

Gathered at this world-class arts and culture center in Ballard Estate, this was the fourth edition of LXMI.inc sponsored by Hapusa, KALIDO, Infinity Cars & SAWIT. The conference focused on leadership, equipping individuals to lead with authenticity, compassion and vision, redefining leadership as a personal journey of resilience and purpose. Events such as this one help provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for women, ultimately inspiring them to establish themselves as female entrepreneurs. The sessions ended with opening up a 3 day bootcamp to entrepreneurs from 19th July onwards in Andheri which will compromise various topics on businesses

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