Hunar.AI – Making Frontline Hiring Easy using AI & Smart Automation

 “What is your actual cost per hire today?” “How automated is your frontline recruitment process?” “How many of your outsourced vendor hirings are 100% KYC compliant?” These are some of the questions that pitches to CHROs of large manpower-critical businesses.

Frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce, but organisations allocate less than 1% of their technology budgets to support and develop them. This significant gap urgently needs attention and investment, especially in the wake of increasing business impact because of frontline workforce challenges. Best-in-class HR technology focuses largely on the white-collar workforce, which consists of
email-first, desk-based office workers. India’s frontline workforce is mobile-first, WhatsApp-friendly, and prefers vernacular language interaction. This presents a clear gap in the market.

Launched in 2022 by Krishna Khandelwal and Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharyya, Hunar is an AI-based volume hiring platform for end-to-end automation of frontline hiring.

“Frontline hiring has become increasingly challenging, disrupting industries, and it’s time to revolutionise workforce management. The integration of advanced technology, AI, and automation in frontline hiring is crucial for enhancing hiring speed, efficiency, and predictability. We’ve successfully driven exceptional business outcomes for our customers with our tech-first approach, and our 15X growth this year underscores the market’s demand and the effectiveness of our solution,” said
Krishna, an alumnus of IIT Kanpur.

Frontline hiring is increasingly challenging, disrupting industries. The integration of advanced technology and automation is crucial for enhancing speed, efficiency, and predictability. AI and smart automation offer immense opportunities to tackle current operational hurdles. Our tech-first approach is transforming recruitment, driving exceptional business outcomes, with our 15X growth this year underscoring the market’s demand and our solution’s effectiveness.

Hunar breaks down the funnel of recruitment into three modules – Find.AI, Engage.AI, and Hire.AI – which can be used as standalone applications. Hunar enables frontline workforce hiring and funnel management for large enterprises with an industry focus on BFSI, E-Commerce, Logistics, Retail, and QSR specifically.

Frontline workforce hiring has been the biggest problem for organisations, now leading to a loss in business, and most of the technology available today doesn’t cater to the problem of the frontline workforce. There is a strong need for a technology-powered approach towards frontline workforce management.

“With the rise of generative AI and the ubiquitous use of communication platforms like WhatsApp, we seized a unique opportunity to revolutionise the global frontline workforce ecosystem. This dynamic, dispersed workforce demanded cutting-edge innovation in product design and engineering. The widespread adoption of our solutions is a testament to the urgent need for, and the efficacy of, our practical approach in transforming workforce management,” says Dr. Shantanu, who completed his PhD in molecular biology from Carnegie Mellon University.

With the aim of empowering more than 80% of the world’s workforce, Hunar is now set to expand globally with its deep technology and smart automation frontline workforce solutions. They work with the best names in the business today like Rebel Foods, Udaan, Licious, Aarvi Encon, Aditya Birla Capital, and PhonePe, to name a few.

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