February 28, 2024
How Your Business Will Benefit From an EV Charging Station

How Your Business Will Benefit From an EV Charging Station

More and more companies are adding electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to their properties for employees, customers, and the public. But what advantages do these stations bring to companies? Explore how your business will benefit from an EV charging station.

More Attention and Foot Traffic

One of the primary advantages of having an EV charging station at your company is attracting more people to your location, especially if you’re the nearest EV charging station in a busy spot with many other businesses. EV drivers naturally spend more time on-site than those who drive vehicles with internal combustion engines due to the fact that they must stay put while their cars charge. This means that EV drivers are able to spend plenty of time at your business.

Additional Revenue Stream

One crucial benefit for businesses that open a public EV charging station is the addition of a new revenue stream. Owners of charging stations can charge customers by the kilowatt-hour of electricity they use, the time connected to the station, or via subscription for frequent customers.

Government Incentives

When it comes to installing a charging station, perhaps the biggest barrier to businesses is the cost of a commercial EV charging station. While the most affordable stations are as low as $1,000, the high-end models are closer to $50,000. However, many government incentives and benefits make buying and installing an EV station much more affordable for business owners. You can check federal and state government programs for commercial EV charging stations to see how much your business could potentially save on installation.

Employee Benefits

Another benefit of an EV charging station for your business is that it’s an added resource for your employees. EVs are becoming more common every year, and many drivers are much more likely to purchase an EV if their company has a public charging station available for their convenience. Offering this resource can boost employee morale, engagement, and loyalty.

Sustainability Branding

An indirect benefit of installing a commercial EV charging station is that it promotes your business as a leader in sustainability. Many employees and customers appreciate when a company shows a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, and they are likely to be more loyal to a business that shares their beliefs. If you want to make your company brand greener, an EV charging station is a great place to start.

There are many other advantages an EV charging station can bring to your business. If you’re looking for opportunities to generate a passive income stream, enhance foot traffic, and boost employee loyalty, consider placing an EV charging station on your property.

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