How do you make an unpopular item popular in your store? Well, keep reading and find out how to entice your customers to buy these products.

How To Sell Unpopular Items in Your Store

Let’s face it; there’s always at least one ugly stepchild inside a retail store. Sometimes there are more than one. Not every product will fly off the stands. Consider it par for the course. But this doesn’t have to become the status quo. We can tell you how to sell unpopular items in your store.

Focus on the Buyer

Remember the purpose of the product and the business. It’s always all about the buyer, so you need to make the product about them. Don’t sell an item; sell an experience. First, narrow down the exact demographic you want to entice.

Then, figure out what that buyer needs or what they might find interesting about the product. Now you’re cooking with gas. The shopper won’t feel like they’re wasting money because they also see the possibilities this new product holds for them.

Remarket the Product

Back into marketing from another angle. Your current marketing strategies aren’t working, but don’t worry. The good thing about marketing is there’s always another strategy or tactic to try out. Take new product photos and reword the description to sound fresher.

Sometimes pricing items with a .99 instead of a round number makes the product appear less expensive. Customers see a sale, and they want to jump on it. You may even need to add some virtual elements to the marketing strategy to reach all demographics.

Exercise Product Placement

Product placement is crucial when it comes to selling items in a store. You’ve heard the expression, “Eye level is buy level.” And that’s true for so many different reasons. Customers don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt to look for their products.

Place them in their direct line of sight. Or if the product happens to be in an aisle that no one walks down, find a way to call them over. Endcap product displays are important and useful. They catch the shopper’s eye and encourage them to walk a few more feet to see what’s on the shelf.

Use Clearance and Seasonal Sales

As we said before, shoppers love a good deal. They never want to feel like they’re breaking the bank when they shop. Help them maintain that feeling by offering clearance and seasonal sale options. Sometimes the unpopular items don’t sell because of their pricing.

Shoppers might want to make the purchase, but the price tag is stopping them. Offer up seasonal deals, and soon, they’ll start singing another tune.

You can sell unpopular items in your store in a few different ways, and that’s what makes the process so amazing. The possibilities are endless.

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