How To Communicate Your Brand’s Values to Customers

Rethink your messaging by learning how to communicate your brand’s values to customers, whether you value transparency, sustainability, or all of the above.


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, the commitment to brand values is the lifeblood of a meaningful identity. Values can include fast shipping, transparent communication, environmentally friendly practices, and more.

Customers gravitate toward brand values that they believe in, so how do you create that effect with your products or services? Let’s explore how to communicate your brand’s values to customers so that you can start sending the right message.

Visual Branding and Design

The design of your logo, website, packaging, and advertising materials should subtly or explicitly convey your values. Color psychology, typography, and imagery can all work together to create a cohesive visual narrative that reinforces the message.

Do you want to grab your audience’s attention with loud colors, or do you want something more subtle? Either option can work, so the right choice comes down to what fits your audience and your brand.

Don’t forget that your brand’s sound design is as critical to success as the visual layout. For example, one of the key roles of sound design in product marketing is to showcase your values auditorily. Design a sonic logo that stirs the emotions in your audience and aligns with your brand, whether it’s luxurious notes or something more exciting and festive.

Public Relations and Partnerships

Align your business with causes and other brands that share your values. Publicize partnerships and collaborations that demonstrate your commitment to the community, environment, or other common values.

Use public relations to tell these stories to a wider audience. For example, if you work closely with environmentally conscious manufacturers to make your products, showcase that partnership on your website so that your customers know your dedication to this effort.

From the suppliers you choose to the sustainability practices you implement, every operational decision should reflect your brand values. This is your silent communication, what one might call ‘values in action.’ Maintain transparency in your practices, as customers today value ethical business conduct.

Market Research and Listening

Listening to your audience can further refine your values. Conduct surveys, read customer feedback, and look at what’s resonating in your industry. Take note of the values that your target market finds appealing. Remember, the best brand values are both authentic to your business and relevant to your customers’ lives.

Periodic surveys and market research can provide insights into how your values impact the trustworthiness and overall perception of your brand. Look for keywords like ‘honest,’ ‘ethical,’ ‘reliable,’ and ‘transparent’ in customer responses.

Customer Service and Experience

Every touchpoint with a customer is a brand communication opportunity. How your customer service team handles inquiries, complaints, and compliments can greatly impact brand perception. Train your team to understand and embody the brand values in their interactions with customers.

Create content that tells stories about how you express your values in real life. Share customer testimonials that reflect the positive impact of your values. Leverage social media to engage in conversations and highlight events or actions that align with your principles.

Now that you know more ways to communicate your brand’s values to customers, you should reevaluate and adjust your approach to brand messaging. Take deep dives into your business’s core and your customers’ perceptions so that you can put your values on full display.

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