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Greystone Infra Expands to 8 Cities in India

Wednesday, 20th October 2022: Greystone Infra, a privatized design and build start-up has expanded businesses to 8 cities in India. Notably present in Tier 1 cities like New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, and Pune, also expanding their presence to Tier 2 cities like Agra, Bareilly & Moradabad. Looking at the present, the company has secured a commendable position in the northern belt.

Greystone Infra since its inception has undertaken high-quality interior design projects for commercial, F&B, and Retail projects. The design company comes with expertise in design, space makeover, complete renovation, decor as well as construction. They have some notable clientele including the likes of – Samsung, Quinnys, Republic Bharat TV, Xero Degree, Avanta Business Centre, Tractor Junction, and AGL to name a few, where they have delivered on Design as well as execution.

Mr. Vijay Singh, Co-Founder

Mr. Vijay Singh, Co-Founder, of Greystone Infra shares, “Design, thinking and creativity has changed multi-folds over the years. Especially the post covid era has led offices and commercial spaces to re-think their design and spaces. The importance of co-working spaces, and utilizing outdoor spaces has become the next new thing. With the change in the design needs, we at Greystone Infra have adapted to these needs, and are conceptualizing designs keeping the clients’ needs in mind. We are happy to have made a presence in the northern belt of the country, and are onlooking to expand our presence to more cities in India.”Ms. Shabina Shahin, Architect & Co-Founder

Ms. Shabina Shahin, Architect & Co-Founder, of Greystone Infra adds, “Design needs are volatile especially when it comes to commercial spaces. Brands and companies are constantly on the lookout for new designs and space utilization that makes the working space comfortable for the team. We at Greystone do our best to understand every client’s needs, and provide a space that is unique, and quality driven.”

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