October 3, 2023

Godrej L’Affaire celebrates #RespectAllBandhans in their touching digital film on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan

11 August 2022, India: 

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Godrej Industries Limited, through its brand-agnostic lifestyle platform – Godrej LAffaire, has launched a digital film that encourages people to look at every relationship with love and respect. Conceptualised by the Godrej Corporate Brand & Communications team, the film aims to foster love, dignity and care with everyone just like the brother-sister bond which is celebrated on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan.

The sacred thread of rakhi which symbolises protection and care, can be extended to all relationships which, in turn, will help make this world a more peaceful and beautiful place. #RespectAllBandhans is a subtle nudge to people to treat and  love everyone in this world equally and not limit it to just the brother-sister relationship.

The video features influencers Simone Khambatta, Salil Acharya and Shashank Sanghvi who beautifully convey the powerful message of spreading love and respect for everyone, everyday.

Sujit Patil, Vice President and Head – Corporate Brand and Communication, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies
Sujit Patil, Vice President and Head – Corporate Brand and Communication, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies


I see my brother look at me,

With love, dignity, and care.

Should respecting one another 

be limited to a sibling affair?

While we have beautiful threads

to show that we care for one another,

Can we extend the same care to even a stranger? 

Remember, every person we meet

is someone’s loved one too.

To respect and be respected is humanity,

it’s bigger than any other issue. 


Everyone has the right to dignity, 

every he, she, and they. 

When you embrace each other as one,

a safer world will finds its way.

Today is a special day. 

We’re celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

Let’s make this day brighter,

By pledging to Respect Bandhan.

A day where we spark unity,

And make it a loving chain reaction.

A day where we change our ways,

and redefine the world for the next generation. 

I pledge to look at the world 

with a filter of not only love and compassion.

I pledge to look at every person with respect in our nation. 

May today be the day

respect becomes the way of living. 

May today be the day

respect becomes the means of thriving. 

Dear brothers and sisters 

here’s wishing you a very Happy Respect Bandhan.

#RespectAllBandhans –   https://youtu.be/myWhX8w4EJY

Speaking on the film, Sujit Patil, Vice President and Head- Corporate Brand and Communication, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies said, “Humanity, respect, and dignity are integral to one’s nature. The new digital film #RespectAllBandhans aims to spread a message to not only pledge love and protection for our siblings on this Raksha Bandhan but also to extend this love and respect to every single person every day as they too are someone’s loved ones.  It is this goodness that will make our Nation even more stronger”.

This video will be amplified by digital content creators who will take the pledge and spread the message, by our media partners who will put  it up on their respective platforms, and by our business partners who will amplify it on their social media assets.

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