Flooring tips to spruce up your home décor this pre-festive season To:

Flooring Tips to Spruce Up Your Home Décor This Pre-festive Season

Before the festive season kicks in, it becomes the perfect time to revamp up your home and get every inch of your home into the festive spirit. While most people prefer revamping their interiors because it involves less hassle, changing flooring becomes a pain point in most homes. Interior décor can spruce up your home, but flooring can set the tone of the room, inject personality and be a talking point while providing comfort underfoot. A well-chosen flooring idea can uplift and dramatically change the look of your home.

Flooring tips to spruce up your home décor this pre-festive season To:
White bedroom interior with wood panels, creative pendant lights, armchair in corner, bedside table, cabinet, carpet on parquet floor and bed. Concept of modern house design. Corner view. 3d rendering

Beautiful and detailed patterned floors can instantly change your mood and uplift your home for the guests that would arrive to celebrate festivals. If you are ready to make sure your floors feel as inviting as the festive spirit, here are some flooring tips to look forward to this pre-festive season.
Naturally Real!
Product- Weathered collection from Mikasa Floors
Wood floors are popular because of their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Unlike carpeted floors, they do not retain heat. If the wood is not exposed to direct sun, the floor can keep your home cool during any season as they are temperature neutral. With a wide acceptance of wood flooring from homeowners, wood floors now come in various patterns and look but what is wood flooring without a natural feel? Keeping this thought in mind, now homeowners are looking for wood flooring that represents the true form of nature.
This festive season if you are looking for hassle-free maintenance along with a natural feeling. we suggest considering the Weathered collection by Mikasa floors from the house of Greenlam Industries. The Mikasa Weathered collection offers floors with unique designs and accentuated natural features. It highlights the real character of the wood with the knots, variation in colors, and textures and strikes the correct balance between machine intervention and natural guidance. Apart from their exquisite beauty, these floors are also made with real wood that provides stability in any climatic condition and are easy to install, remove and reinstall. Mikasa floors offer 30 years warranty on its vast portfolio of flooring options.
Vintage look and feel!
Product- Arte Collection from Mikasa Floors
In today’s world, where everyone is running between a gamut of styles, we are spoilt for our flooring choice. While the likes of traditional flooring like marble, granite, and mosaic have not lessened, other options are embraced with great enthusiasm. Traditional flooring has been the go-to choice of homeowners for generations but today’s modern contemporary homeowners are looking for interiors and flooring that are not only unique but also represent the value passed on from generations.
Wood floors that present a vintage look and feel instantly increase your house’s curb appeal. If you are looking for an artistic antique flooring for this festive season, we would suggest considering the Arte collection by Mikasa floors from the house of Greenlam Industries. The Mikasa Arte collection displays bespoken works of art and craftsmanship. For charming, timeworn appeal – each plank is hand-scraped or saw-cut to produce minor grooves and undulations reminiscent of a naturally aged floor. This handcrafted antique collection offers a stunning mix of rich auburn and deep chocolate tones brought to life by man, machine, and material combinations. Other than its timeless beauty, these floors are easy to maintain, and install and come with a 30-year warranty. Mikasa floors also have a wide distribution and service network, thus keeping you away from the worry of service and maintenance.
Mikasa visualizer for the win!
Anticipating floors from the brochure that would suit your home décor is the biggest hassle that today’s modern consumers face. With the world moving towards digitization and AI, it has become mandatory for every industry to give their consumers value-added benefits to set them apart from their competitors.
To have a virtual experience of choosing your floors that compliment your home décor we suggest considering Mikasa Visualizer by Mikasa floors from the house of Greenlam Industries. There is nothing better than visualizing your imagination beforehand. And that is exactly what the Mikasa Visualizer does. It is super easy to use, you must lay the floor of your choice by clicking a picture of your dream space and uploading it on the visualizer within seconds you can pick the one that suits you the best. Mikasa visualizer is integrated with a variety of floor options by Mikasa floor’s latest 2022 collection. So, no need to stress anymore before choosing the right floor!
Link to Mikasa Visualizer: https://www.mikasafloors.com/visualizer

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