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Euro 7000 Launches Their New Dvc Campaign “sachi Mein”, Adds a New Flavour to B2b Communication

Ahmedabad, 22nd October 2022: EURO 7000 an adhesive brand under Jyoti Resins & Adhesive Ltd. has quite a prominent market presence across 12+ states in India. Over the years, EURO 7000 has made its brand presence stronger and created a substantial customer base by staying true to its positioning – ‘India’s fastest drying adhesive’. Today, EURO 7000 guarantees ‘Pakka Jod Hamesha’ with their 3 Hero Products – WP 2 in 1, Extreme 3 & Ultra 5 in 1.

The awareness of a brand is always directly proportional to the recall factor and for that staying alive in the audience’s psyche is an ultimate necessity. That’s where Rioconn Interactive, a 3600 advertising agency comes in!

EURO 7000 associated with Rioconn for the new DVC campaign with a simple brief, come up with something fresh. As fresh as something that wasn’t stuck to the age-old communication that adhesive brands have done earlier. Ironic, right? These DVCs needed to be quirky, fun, and informative at the same time. So, how’d they go about it?

Film 1


Film 2


Film 3


Where there’s a claim, there should be a spotlight! EURO 7000 claims that they’re ‘India’s fastest drying’ adhesive with qualities that many others don’t offer. And this campaign was engineered to reinforce that trust factor. The brand says that the seller, the user and the influencer know what they’re talking about when they take the technical route to persuade consumers to buy the product.

Reacting to the concept and execution, Mr. Utkarsh Patel, Executive Director of Jyoti Resins & Adhesives Limited said, “As an adhesive brand, it’s important to surface in the market every once in a while as there are multiple players. Rioconn being our digital agency, they understand the brand and the market well and thus I asked Rioconn for some fresh ideas and concepts to make these films. And they did not disappoint. After a long time, we had something unique to showcase, and they did!”.

The most important stakeholders of the product i.e. a retailer, a carpenter, and an interior designer were part of the campaign to tell the story of why one should believe in the claims that the brand is making.

Speaking on the ideation of the campaign Mr. Hemaang Gandhi, Founder, Rioconn said, “I had absolutely no doubt that my team always comes up with something unique. Not something too creative that it loses the essence of the brand, but something that hits bang on because creativity is not the only aspect of advertising we need to address as an agency; business too has to be given attention. We are really happy with the final outcome.”

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