Embracing Positivity: Lg Electronics Introduces New Global Campaign ‘life’s Good With Optimism

Embracing Positivity: Lg Electronics Introduces New Global Campaign 'life’s Good With OptimismNew Delhi, India, May 31th, 2024: LG Electronics India, a leading consumer durables brand in the country has launched the “Life’s Good” global campaign, marking a significant milestone in the reinvention of the LG brand. The campaign, under the inspiring banner of ‘Life’s Good with Optimism,’ aims to cultivate a sense of positivity and encourage people to embrace an optimistic outlook on life.

LG Electronics India today hosted a panel discussion in collaboration with renowned influencers for their optimistic influence including Indian poet and author Gunjan SainiDJ Barkha Kaul, a former supermodel who has been a prominent DJ since 2008; Siddhartha Aalambayan, Director, Storyteller, Photo Maker, and Co-Founder of Fork Studio; Mohit Varshney, Psychiatrist and Avik Chaterjee, an expert in Executive Coaching and Organizational Development. 

These campaign ambassadors for India shared their personal insights on the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and how it can empower individuals to find joy and optimism in their everyday lives. Their stories and perspectives inspired audiences, reinforcing LG’s commitment to making life good for everyone.

The panel discussion covered several key points, including why LG celebrated optimism, emphasizing the belief that optimism is a powerful force capable of transforming lives. By celebrating optimism, LG aimed to create a ripple effect of positivity that touches every aspect of daily life. The panelists shared practical tips and strategies for remaining optimistic in daily lives, even in challenging times. They also shared inspiring stories of personal grit and determination, highlighting how overcoming obstacles, and achieving success through sheer determination and optimism has shaped their lives. Additionally, the discussion addressed the dual role of social media as a source of anxiety and a platform for motivation, providing insights on how to navigate it to find positivity.

At LG, we believe that optimism is a powerful force that can transform lives,” said Jae Hyung Jun, Head – Corporate Marketing, LG India. “Through our ‘Life’s Good with Optimism’ campaign, we aim to create a ripple effect of positivity across social media and beyond, encouraging people to approach life with a hopeful and resilient attitude.”

As part of LG Electronics’ global campaign, the ‘Optimism Your Feed’ playlist was released this year. The playlist can be found on LG’s global YouTube channel (@LGGlobal), and will later spread to various social media platforms through collaborations with influencers. For more details, please visit the campaign page at www.lg.com/lifesgood/.

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