Drone Soccer Arrives in India: A Revolutionary Fusion of Technology and Sport

Drone Soccer Arrives in India: A Revolutionary Fusion of Technology and SportHyderabad/New Delhi, India 02nd  May 2024:  In a groundbreaking development, Drone Soccer made its official debut in India. Combining the thrill of aerial robotics with the competitive spirit of soccer, this innovative sport promises to revolutionize the landscape of recreational and professional gaming alike. 

Drone Soccer, pioneered by leading technologists and sports enthusiasts, introduces a dynamic blend of agility, strategy, and excitement. Player’s maneuver FIDA approved drone soccer balls, aiming to score goals while engaging in thrilling aerial maneuvers. With its fast-paced gameplay and accessibility, Drone Soccer is a new hybrid sport that appeals to a wide spectrum of age groups (06 year – 75 year), including both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. 

The Federation of International Drone Soccer Associations (FIDA), akin to FIFA in the realm of traditional soccer, stands as the premier global authority for propelling Drone Soccer onto the world stage. With over 20 member countries under its wing, FIDA spearheads the promotion and regulation of Drone Soccer across continents. Notably, it holds the distinguished honor of hosting the inaugural Drone Soccer World Cup in 2025, set to take place in Korea in an exclusive stadium built just for Drone Soccer. 

In India, the Drone Soccer Association India (DSAI) emerges as a pivotal founding member of FIDA. Endowed with exclusive rights to govern and organize drone soccer activities within the nation, DSAI shoulders the responsibility of orchestrating national and international leagues, tournaments, and selecting and sending the Indian team to compete in the upcoming World Cup. 

Serving as the training, sales & marketing backbone for DSAI, Drone Destination is tasked with facilitating various training programs dedicated to honing drone soccer skills and setting up of drone soccer arenas and academies, as well as managing the sales and marketing endeavors for drone soccer equipment. Drone Destination plays a vital role in fostering the growth and development of Drone Soccer in India, and official marks its entry into Drone Sports. 

Commenting on the launch of Drone Soccer in IndiaFIDA Director Suh Moon, said – “FIDA will help India, build a strong Drone Soccer Ecosystem. With India’s vast tech-oriented base of youngsters, we are confident that the sport will appeal to the audiences and contribute to the popularity of Drone Soccer globally.’ 

To mark its formal entry into India, players from Korea and India exhibited a friendly match that took place at Delhi, organized by Drone Destination, in the presence of FIDA & DSAI officials.  The Indian team, comprising talented drone soccer players, will go through rigorous training to hone their skills. Drone Destination, an end-to-end player present across the entire ecosystem of drones in India, is committed to making them future-ready. 

Mr. Alok Sharma, Chairman, Drone Soccer Association India said – “As India makes its mark on the global stage of drone soccer, we’re entering an era where technology, education and sports converge to create exhilarating experiences. We are gearing up to organize and host country’s first Indian Drone Soccer League in November 2024. DSAI will organize championships at school/college, club level and professional Drone Soccer Leagues. DSAI will also send the Indian Team for FIDA’s inaugural Drone Soccer World Cup to be held in Korea in 2025.” 

Mr. Chirag Sharma, CEO, Drone Destination said- “Drone Soccer is a revolutionary, hybrid e-sport, that shall play a pivotal role in the burgeoning e-gaming industry, and encourage the youth to take a break from screens and enjoy the thrill of this new tech. Besides professionally excelling in the arena of sports, their skills in maneuvering drones can make them sought after for a variety of drone applications in the industry. At Drone Destination, we are happy to provide new recreational and career options in sports as well as in the industry.” 

Ms. Nidhi Sharma, National Coordinator, DSAI said – “We are thrilled to introduce Drone Soccer to India, a nation renowned for its passion for both sports and technology, this fusion of drones and soccer represents a new frontier in recreational gaming, and we are excited to witness the enthusiasm it generates among players and spectators alike.” 

Drone Soccer blends technologysport, and entertainment. Pilots control specially designed football-shaped drones adorned with LED lights in team colors. Maneuvering through a doughnut-shaped goalpost 3.5 meters above the ground, teams of five compete, with one striker aiming to score goals while others play defensively. Since its 2016 inception in Korea, Drone Soccer has gained global popularity, particularly among young enthusiasts in the United States and South Korea. With FIDA boasting twenty member countries and more joining soon, the stage is set for India‘s inaugural entry into this futuristic sport.

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