Dr. Pratik Mungekar Appointed as an International Peace Ambassador by UNHRO

Dr. Pratik Mungekar Appointed as an International Peace Ambassador by UNHRO

After his appointment, he expressed his gratitude to United Nations Human Rights Organisation (UNHRO) and put forth his thoughts on the Importance of Peace Education.

(Recently he has conferred upon the same Honorary Doctorate in Peace Education by Lectern Peace & Human Rights Academy Nigeria)

He further explained

What’s Peace Education?

Peace schooling encircles the fundamental standards of peace and schooling. Though it sounds similar, its goal is pretty extraordinary from the traditional manner of coaching. The writers usually divide peace into kinds. One is poor peace and the opposite one is wonderful peace. The idea of poor peace is the presence of conflict and bodily violence. Positive peace manner the shortage of the opportunity of conflict and social injustice.The idea of peace schooling is alternatively massive and certainly wonderful. The want and significance of peace schooling come to be each unavoidable and considerable because it goals to train each man or woman to stay in peace with every different. It discourages violence and promotes equality. Continue studying to recognize the want and significance of peace schooling.

What is Peacemaking?

If you’re thinking what peace schooling is, then right here your answer. Peace schooling is a coaching system that facilitates to construct peace among human beings. It teaches human beings to settle their variations with phrases and now no longer via way of means of the use of any weapon.

Education is withinside the 2nd role at the Institute for Economics and Peace’s Positive Peace Index, making it one of the maximum large individuals to peace. You can outline peace schooling as a place of schooling that intends to train approximately peace and its significance. So, it promotes tolerance, social justice, and nonviolence. Importance of Peace EducationIf you understand what’s peace schooling? You would possibly recognize its intention. However, the significance of peace schooling comes into the image whilst the idea of peace constructing comes into existence. The idea of peace schooling makes a specialty of the worldwide reputation of peace. It encourages constructing an experience of brotherhood and mutual admire.

There are 3 methods to reap peace: Peacekeeping, Peacemaking, and Peacebuilding.

Peacekeeping, the primary type, entails assigning police or unique navy forces to visit the vicinity of strugglefare and reap peace without or with strength.

Peacemaking is a diplomatic system. It does now no longer want any cooperation from navy sources. All it wishes is best communique abilities to solve the continuing strugglefare. Whether it’s miles a strugglefare among nations or some thing internal, an awesome and eloquent speaker can resolve the hassle and preserve it below control. But unfortunately, each kinds referred to above take vicinity whilst any violence happens.

Peacebuilding is the maximum fruitful manner to train peace. It makes human beings understand the significance of peace schooling. Peacebuilding develops complete programmes to train human beings a way to have interaction with human beings and train them to keep away from aggression.

Moreover, it could be stated that the want of peace schooling has expanded in today’s time, mainly for the youngsters who’re running to construct their identity.Aim of Peace EducationThere are many goals of constructing peace schooling. Some are mentioned as follows:The first reason of peace schooling is to sell peace.

Studying Arts offers human beings the right idea of peace. Literature, painting, photography, music, dance forms, and best arts offer enough possibilities to study peace schooling and respect its significance.

One of the goals and goals of peace schooling is to make the scholars recognize the countrywide protection systems. They want to recognize the options to conflict. Peace schooling additionally facilitates them recognize global politics, the jail business complex, the fingers race, etc.

Developing intercultural know-how is one of the maximum critical factors of peacebuilding.

The ‘us vs them’ mind-set has been destroying the mutual know-how and admire among nations. It had finished so withinside the past. Promoting peace schooling works whilst each person begins offevolved respecting different cultures and builds a clean know-how and admire for every different.

Encouraging college students to construct values and abilities is one of the goals and goals of peace schooling. It is critical so that scholars get to stay a high-quality life.

The fundamental nature of peace schooling is to unfold self-perception and peace worldwide. And understanding the goals of peace schooling is the key. It can form the mind, mend it and recreate. So, right here are the jobs of schooling in preserving peace in life.Education builds self belief and faith. Knowing some thing offers human beings a experience of accomplishment. It facilitates human beings to voice out their mind and reshape their wondering system. They can sell new thoughts and optimism across the international. The extra college students get knowledgeable, the extra they come to be accustomed to ‘peace’. It facilitates them to paintings to preserve peace.
Education builds unbiased wondering. It permits them to construct new thoughts and make best experience of the international. Other than following some thing blindly, knowledgeable minds ask questions and try and discover the solution to the unknown. In the end, they come to be leaders to sell positivity and hope.

As I’ve mentioned earlier than, communique ability is critical for peacemaking. By going to school, college students meet extraordinary college students in their age. They proportion opinions, and paintings on numerous projects, and solve their conflicts. That is how they construct communique abilities. Building the energy to speak is the character of peaceful schooling.

Now, schooling fulfills the maximum critical want of a character’s life. It offers human beings meals and facilitates them to remove poverty. A malnourished, hungry character has a tendency to come to be angry, and it’s miles only a count of time earlier than he will become aggressive. So, schooling facilitates human beings to earn cash and make an identity for themselves.

The largest scope of peace schooling is that it encourages hassle-fixing capability. Education now no longer simplest teaches a way to resolve a Maths hassle, however, additionally teaches college students a way to assume logically. Analyzing extraordinary literature helps unbiased wondering. Education additionally facilitates to the realization of numerous unknown things. This expertise offers human beings the concept of fixing troubles in a non-violent manner.ConclusionEducation is the quality manner to earn a residing and stay a high-quality life. However, it additionally has every other reason. Peace schooling is going past the idea of creating a residing. It teaches scholars a way to preserve concord and peace withinside the international and features important and logical wondering. The most important idea of peace schooling is to make human beings privy to the significance of peacemaking and to broaden a wonderful environment.

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