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DPhi appoints Bconnect Communications as its communication partner

9th September 2022: Belgium & India based DPhi has appointed a new-age integrated marketing communication agency — Bconnect Communications — to manage its external communication across pan India.

DPhi, Artificial intelligence (AI)-focused community platform. Founded in 2020 by Chanukya Patnaik, the company is envisioned to educate and build AI for everyone to solve key challenges of humanity.

On its collaboration with Bconnect Communications, Chanukya Patnaik, Founder of DPhi, said, “We are glad to onboard Bconnect Communications as our communication partner. We’ve worked with them on a few engagements before getting into this longer collaboration. Neha and team showed great enthusiasm, ownership, and a keen willingness to make an impact. Most importantly, they are well connected across most Indian media outlets and have shown remarkable results in a short span. This collaboration will help DPhi to reach a wider audience, and we are looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, Bconnect Communication Founder & Director Ms Neha Bahri added, “Business to Business Technology is our core forte. It is most demanding segment right now in global & Indian market. Our strong business acumen into the sector and past experience in B2B & AI space gives us an edge of working on our strong portfolio clients I believe we will be able to deliver through a mix of communication strategies.”

Headquartered in Delhi, Bconnect Communication will look into the strategic communication for DPhi as it is important to convey the right message to the audience about the brand initiatives.

It is worth mentioning that DPhi was launched in 2020. DPhi fostered AI-driven innovation among several leading companies and solved meaningful social and business problems, including predicting earthquakes to save lives, safeguarding NFTs, building an AI powered lens for the blind and many others.

DPhi claims to provide free AI and data science courses by industry experts from large tech companies or startups worldwide. It claims that over 100K learners across 150 countries have benefited from its courses in the past two years.

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