February 27, 2024

DNIF HYPERCLOUD Announces Major Updates to Enhance User Experience and Security Analytics

DNIF HYPERCLOUD Announces Major Updates to Enhance User Experience and Security AnalyticsMumbai, 07th December 2023: DNIF HYPERCLOUD, a leading Cloud-native SIEM platform has announced a major update to its application, introducing advanced features that redefine user experience and elevate security analytics. This comprehensive suite of DNIF HYPERCLOUD underlines the platform’s commitment to continuous innovation in the dynamic global cybersecurity landscape.

A recent study by Cloudflare revealed that 83% of Indian organizations encountered at least one cybersecurity incident in the past year, leading to significant financial losses. Out of these, 48% reported facing 10 or more cyberattacks, with the primary motives being financial gain, spyware deployment, and data exfiltration.

The latest application update, dated November 2023, showcases three key features:

Seamless Tracking: Uncover User and Entity Actions in DNIF Console Logs
This feature empowers users to effortlessly navigate Console logs, directly analyzing logs related to the DNIF HYPERCLOUD. By filtering logs with ‘Stream=HYPERCLOUD,’ insights into entity-related events are gained, ensuring a smoother operational experience and fortifying overall security posture.

2) S3Bucket and S3Prefix for Speedy File Discovery in AWS Logs
Introducing S3Bucket and S3Prefix fields in log events sourced from AWS connectors, this enhancement streamlines the identification of specific files within a bucket. This provides users with increased efficiency and precision in AWS log analysis, addressing their specific needs and contributing to an enhanced security analytics experience.

3) Signal Links: Copy, Share, and Collaborate with Ease
The Signal payload now features a convenient Signal link, enabling users to seamlessly copy it with a single click. This facilitates effortless collaboration as users can share Signal links via integrated Ticketing Systems, thereby enhancing communication and teamwork in responding to threats effectively.

Before the introduction of the November update, key highlights from previous updates include:

October 2023 Update:

1) Enhanced Monthly Usage Email with a detailed Daily Volume Table.
2) Geo Enrichment of IP Data: Daily enrichment using IPinfo and additional enrichment during Lookup using IPData.
3) Signal Suppression Rules Enhancement: Target field restrictions to entities such as Host, User, Resource, and Port.

May 2023 Update:

1) Signal Tagging: Simplify alert analysis by assigning tags to signals, facilitating better organization and collaboration among team members.
2) Informatics: Access a centralized view of crucial data on the landing page after login, providing instant insights into platform performance.
3) Workbook Versioning: Track changes and revisions made to workbooks over time, with the ability to restore older versions.
4) OKTA SSO: Introduce SAML authentication support for simplified authentication and streamlined access.
5) Streamlined Password Reset Process: Easily reset passwords with a few clicks.
6) Simplified Pricing Plan Management: Seamlessly upgrade to a higher plan when accessing features not included in the current plan.
7) Stream Filtering: Find streams more efficiently by filtering and displaying only active streams.
8) Usage Page: Manage data consumption effectively with a new Usage Page.

Remarking on the updates, Mr. Shomiron Das Gupta, CEO and founder of DNIF HYPERCLOUD said, “With India’s growing digital prowess and continued business reliance on technology, there is a need for organizations to foster a security culture, approaching cybersecurity as a strategic business imperative. Our latest update, alongside the preceding ones this year, reflects our dedication to providing a seamless and robust experience, ensuring our users stay ahead in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.”

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