February 28, 2024

Divine Art celebrated artist’s interpretation of what defines the essence of art with Art and Soul Exhibition

Divine Art celebrated artist’s interpretation of what defines the essence of art with  Art and Soul Exhibition    New Delhi, 26th December 2023: In its most basic form, art is an expression that defies understanding. It is a synthesis of passion and inventiveness that leads to divinity. Divine Art came up with a notable collection of modern and contemporary Indian art from both private and renowned artists’ studios, Art and Soul exhibition at F213 A, Old MB Road Lado Sarai, New Delhi. As the title implied, the show showcased artists inspired by their personal interpretation of what defined the soulful artistic expression.

Inauguration was done by Mr. Naresh Yadav (MLA of Lado Sarai). The exhibition will remain at the same venue till 31st January, 2024 from 11:00 am to 6:30 pm.

A tasteful blend of established, mid-career, and up-and-coming artists, the pieces were carefully chosen, and all of the included pieces shared a similar level of complexity and elegance. There were artists in this exhibition who had paved the path through time and wisdom, while others dazzled with their intricate detail work, well-balanced designs, and striking color schemes.

Among the modern Master Ashok Bhowmick and contemporary artists  Bhaskar Rao, Chandra Morkondato, HR Das, Kandi Narsimlu, Ramesh Chandra, Vinod Sharma, Sakti Burman, Jitendra Dangi and Santosh Maravi, to mention a few. The more recent additions, Chanchal Ganguly and Umesh Kumar, regarded as familiar faces in the world of art were also the part of the show. A wide range of vibrant works that possessed a multitude of styles and relied solely on the artist’s sense to produce high-quality work was exhibited. Art is deemed to be endless, devoid of themes, constraints, or categories.

According to Sumit P. Thakur, director of Divine Art Gallery, “Art and Soul is a creative experience that invites viewers to think beyond the obvious and challenges customary conventions.” A variety of artistic mediums were on display at this show, such as paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works. To provide visitors with a variety of options, I attempted to include works created in a variety of media, such as pen and ink, oil, acrylic, and mixed-media tribal art. The artists, who were displaying their works, devoted themselves to the creation of an exciting and visually striking experience for all visitors. It encouraged all to explore the unexplored area of imagination, questioning preconceptions and discovering new dimensions in art.”

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