Diksha is a 8th wonder: Swarupchand Kothari

Diksha is a 8th wonder: Swarupchand KothariHyderabad, 13 January, 2024: A Chittor-based Rajasthani Jain Marwadi Jewellerser’s 19-year-old graduate daughter Ms. Yogitha Surana to become a nun in Hyderabad in a ceremonious function Jain Samaj organising the coming week.  This young girl, who at her age must be enjoying life and modern comforts will soon wear only white robes and live an austere life leaving behind many worldly personal comforts as a jeweller’s daughter. She could have managed their family jewellery business. For the rest of her life, Yogitha will not use a fan, light, toothbrush soap or any such material comforts in pursuit of salvation.

Addressing the media along with her parents Padmaraj Surana, and Sapana Surana and elder sister Bhavna and younger sister Prachi, she said before taking diksha, i.e the process of becoming a nun, I have become a desireful person to desireless person and attachment to detachment.  Right from my childhood I had desires such as to become a pilot, CA, and IAS and they kept changing as I was growing.  And there was no end to desires. Who bandhan ko mai thodna chaah tha tha( I want to detach myself always from the desires and worldy comforts) .   Then I wanted to go out of this and attain moksha that is why I am becoming a nun, announced Yogitha Surana, talking to the media in a private hotel in Somajiguda.

Jainism considers Disha, the process of making an ordinary person(man or woman) into a Jain sanyasini or monk a 8th wonder, said Swarupchand Kothari, a community leader.

Yogitha Surana is the middle of the three daughters of Padamraj Surana and Sapna Surana, who decided to renounce a year and a half. It was a great shock to the parents. After the initial shock, my mother understood and supported me.  Later my father also followed the suit of my mother.  In our community, it is a must for both parents to accept that their child becomes a nun of free will. Forcing doesn’t work, says she.

A religious procession with elephants, camels, horses and whatnot will be taken out in which the girl for the last time will be dressed up in her finest clothes before she transitions to the life of a nun. The ceremony is a long process in Jainism. I was groomed with all the spiritual teachings for the past year.  Now the final function is a long one and continues for five days. Nearly 50,000 people are expected to grace the occasion.

The process of transforming is called Diksha Mahotsav, a normal human being into a nun will begin from 13th January to 16th under the aegis of Sri Vardhman Sthanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh, Greater Hyderabad and Sri Jain Ratna Hithoshi Shravak Sangh, Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

A procession will be held on the 15th procession from 10 am onwards from Yadyadri Bhavan, Barkatpura via Shalini hospital, Raghavendra Temple, tourist hotel, opp to Kachiguda railway station to Junior College in Barkatpura.   3000 Jains will participate.   16th January, Bhagvati Diksha Mahotsav start at 10:30 am onwards  will be held at Govt Junior College at Barkatpura 10000 people will be there

Jain monks and nuns live a hard life. They don’t have a bath throughout their life.  They believe that bathing wastes water, which is considered a precious resource. Instead, they take sponge baths or wash their hands, feet, and face with a damp cloth. Their hair has to be plucked. The ritual is called Kaya klesh, a ritual in which every hair strand is pulled out till the head is bald, and is a must for Jain monks. Jain monks pluck their hair to keep their scalp bare and devoid of lice. They do not use a blade or knife. They don’t use any worldly possessions. They are separated from their family. They regard the whole world as their family. They live in small groups and engage themselves in meditation.

The spiritual goal of Jainism is to become liberated from the endless cycle of rebirth and to achieve an all-knowing state called moksha.

Several Community Leaders and her parents addressed the press conference along with Yogitha Surana in Hyderabad on Friday.

Yogitha discontinued her degree.  She speaks Hindi, Telugu and English.  My parents have given freedom to all three sisters to choose whatever we want to do in our lives, she said.

I don’t want her to know that she is the daughter of Padamraj and Sapna Surana.  Instead, we want to be known as the parents of Yogitha Suran, her parents. Yogitha is a quick grasper.  She learnt to drive a car drive in just 15 minutes.  She is interested in games.  She always explores something new.  She is self-motivated and shared her parents

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