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Soroco and Apromore Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Process Optimization through AIIndia, 17th May 2024: Arvog’s digital lending marks a ground-breaking fusion of technology and financial services. Fueled by advanced AI and machine learning, Arvog emerges as a cutting-edge, customer-centric finance entity, streamlining digital lending with unparalleled ease, speed, and efficiency. Its lightning-fast, intuitive approach focuses on personal and gold loans, simplifying the borrowing experience.

Powered by AI and machine learning, Arvog’s digital lending stands out as a modern, customer-centric financial service. It streamlines the lending process with ease, speed, and efficiency. Arvog focuses on intuitive, quick processing of personal loans and gold loans that also delivers customer delight.

The landscape of digital lending in India is experiencing a notable upswing, largely attributable to the advancements in digital and financial literacy levels, particularly in rural regions where structured credit access was previously scarce, affecting less than 10% of the population. This transformation, accompanied by expanded financial inclusivity and internet penetration, alongside a burgeoning appetite for swift, small-scale loans, is forecasted to propel the Indian lendingtech market to a staggering USD 1.3 trillion valuation by 2030, maintaining a robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22%. Furthermore, the amelioration in digital literacy is intertwined with an elevation in living standards, fostering a socio-economic resurgence that drives heightened consumption and, consequently, amplifies the demand for credit across various domains.

Arvog : the new-age digital lender with a strong philosophy

Drawing on a rich history of lending expertise, Arvog champions the belief that everyone should have the chance to reshape their financial trajectory for the better. That’s why Arvog extends a supportive hand, providing accessible loans. Understanding the profound significance of timely financial assistance, Arvog offers personal and gold loans as practical solutions tailored to meet the evolving credit needs of the emerging digital Bharat.

Benefits of a digital loan from Arvog:

  • Ease of Application: The digital lending from Arvog offers ease of application. The borrower can apply for a personal and gold loan without stepping out of the home or office at any time. 100% digital processing.
  • Fast Processing: Being AI and ML powered Arvog processes the loans in a mere 30 minutes.
  • Quick Disbursal: With a complete digital process, the loan disbursal is also quick and seamless to the borrower’s account without any time lags.
  • Lower Expenses: Powered by AI and ML,  loan processing requires fewer resources, be it time or manpower. Thus, the processing charges are also lower for the borrower.
  • Efficient Loan Management: With savings in the resources that process and manage loans, the benefits of reduced processing costs lead to better productivity for the partner. The end consumer is also delighted with lower-cost benefits.
  • Efficient Loan Management: With AI and machine learning processing the loan application, the chances of error are negligible and it’s faster too. Hence more efficient.
  • Immediate fund availability: When there’s an urgency i.e., an immediate fund requirement, the quickest and most hassle-free form of credit is a gold loan. Arvog processes gold loans in just half an hour with least documentation.
  • Lower Rate of Interest: Arvog Gold Loan has one of the lowest simple interest rates in the market, along with multiple Gold loan schemes.
  • High Per Gram Rate: Arvog offers the highest rate per gram for Gold to calculate the Gold Loan amount. So the higher is the value of gold, the higher is the loan amount too and there’s no upper limit.
  • Credit score not applicable: The credit score is not required for a gold loan. Notably, a gold loan is the best option for the borrowers with lower credit scores. Since the borrower is submitting gold as collateral, except KYC, no other documentation is required.
  • Open purpose loan: The gold loan from Arvog has no purpose restriction. Suppose the borrower has taken a loan for children’s education and the career plan is changed. The loan fund can be used for any other purpose, including a new business plan or existing business expansion.

What sets Arvog apart as a premier digital lender is its emphasis on effortless digital loan applications, prioritization of customer needs, and strict adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring complete transparency. With a customer base close to eight hundred thousand and disbursals totaling around Rs. 1,600 crore in gold and personal loans, Arvog stands as a testament to its effectiveness and reliability in the financial landscape.

Disclaimer: This press release is provided by a third party and has not been independently verified. We do not guarantee its accuracy. Readers are advised to conduct their own research before relying on the information herein.


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