Deconstruct Skincare launches their first ad #CozYouKnowBetter to empower customers to make their own skincare decisions

Bangalore, 19 October, 2022: Deconstruct, a Bengaluru-based skincare start-up, backed by science and unique formulations for result result-oriented applications, has launched a 360-degree digital video campaign titled #CozYouKnowBetter that highlights the importance of ‘information’ over ‘impulse buying’ of skincare products. The digital video showcases how people are constantly stormed with skincare advice from elders, friends or even brands, which often leads to confusion and misinformation. The quirky ad campaign aims to empower people to gather information and make their own skincare decisions by prioritising information rather than influence or impulse. The ad is an extension of the brand’s overall ethos of breaking down information in a simple manner and thus helping people choose on their own, the same is also displayed on the company’s product packages, website blogs, and social media channels. With this campaign, the brand aims to educate and widen its reach from Tier 1 cities to Tier 2 and 3 cities.

To widen the reach of the campaign, many digital stars, who have a mass appeal with young audiences, have been roped in by the brand. These influencers are making content on the same lines as that of the ad but are giving it their own touch. One such video has garnered over 1.5M views already. The ad is also live on India’s premium OTT platforms & other known ad networks.

In the ad film: Viewers witness a young lady seated at a dressing table and in dilemma of having to choose the right skincare product to go with. Beside her is her pet, seated on a chair and admiring her in all calmness. The action begins soon after, with an elder woman, in her 50s, dashing into the room, carrying traditional skincare ingredients and persuading the young lady to use them for flawless skin like herself. Next comes an influencer who promotes her skincare routine as being totally ‘in’, followed by a salesman trying to market a concept. The frames shift quickly, offering a satirical account of how people are overwhelmed with skincare options being forced on them literally. In the end, the young lady finds comfort in the dog’s nudge that she should make her own decision, it whimpers – ‘they will never stop, you do you!’. She is then seen browsing through options from Deconstruct’s range of skincare options that allows her to choose the product apt for her skin needs.

Deconstruct Skincare launches their first ad #CozYouKnowBetter to empower customers to make their own skincare decisions

Creative Credits:
Agency: Supari Studios
Speaking on the ad film launch, Malini Adapureddy, Founder, Deconstruct Skincare said, “Since our childhood, we have been provided with unsolicited advice from multiple sources, especially when it is skincare. But the new-age knowledge economy consumer is changing & seeking their own information. Deconstruct aids them in this journey by providing well-researched & simple information on the website, our product labels, and our social media channels and lets them decide what is best. We want them to purchase on the basis of information rather than trying to entice them with impulsive beauty results.”

Deconstruct has firmly believed in the concept of information-based skincare, where the brand encourages its customers to research the ingredients and activities being used in their products before they make their purchase

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