September 23, 2023

CURIA Ropes In Cricketer Yuvraj Singh as Brand Ambassador

CURIA, one of the leading cancer research and information apps, has joined hands with former Indian cricket star Yuvraj Singh. As a cancer survivor, icon, and influencer, Yuvraj Singh’s association as the Brand Ambassador is expected to strengthen CURIA’s presence across India.

Cancer is the biggest cause of fatalities in India as well as in almost all major countries of the world. The disease is not only life-threatening but also misinformation, and a lack of access to quality care in most parts of the country is a matter of enormous concern. Without authentic information and guidance, precious time is wasted, and the patients are denied timely and effective care. They thus incur additional costs on below-par treatment, and it is common to see this lack of timely care leading to a preventable fatality.

This is where CURIA has rapidly emerged as a game-changing one-stop platform for all cancer-related information and guidance in India. It is a mobile application developed by OncoCoin AG, a Swiss-based wholly owned subsidiary of Innoplexus AG. OncoCoin structures trillions of datapoints from published and unpublished data using its patented AI andblockchain technologies. The information is tailored by parameters such as demographics, cancer type, stage, and possible mutations, to generate the most relevant insights for quick decision-making.

Talking about CURIA, and the brand’s association with Yuvraj Singh, Dr.GunjanBhardwaj, the Founder, and CEO Partex NV, said, “Yuvraj Singh is an icon and an inspiration being a cancer survivor himself. He has personally experienced all the challenges and prevailed over the diseases. Thus, he is an ideal choice to promote the CURIA app in the country, and we are glad to have him on board.I have witnessed the struggles of cancer patients and their families from close quarters. Despite ample research and documentation of the disease, it is still difficult to quickly find the right and helpful information from the labyrinths of the internet. I decided to leverage advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain for patient information and awareness”.

Speaking about his association with CURIA, Yuvraj Singh, the former star all-rounder for the Indian cricket team, said, “It is a matter of great delight for me to join hands with CURIA, the app that empowers cancer patients by offering them quick, and correct information for their treatment, and is also boosting cancer research initiatives. I have been through the entire journey of a cancer patient and the challenges one faces during the different stages. Therefore, it gives me great delight to represent CURIA, and I hope that my support to the app results in helping a lot of cancer patients in the coming times.”

CURIA has a unique, patented AI system that structures the immense volumes of published and unpublished data on cancer. Using specific parameters related to individual patients, such as demographics, cancer type, stage, and potential mutations, the app helps quickly finds the most relevant information and insights. This leads to faster and better treatment decision-making and outcomes. The app has received tremendousresponses in India so far.

Partex NV is a platform for businesses that operate in the area of Life Sciences, Healthcare, and DeepTech. With a unique approach that focuses on three main building blocks – Data, AI, and Assets. Partex wants to become a Digital Pharma by leveraging artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Partex is striving to innovate for patients, customers & partners at different levels. With this Partex and all subsidiaries are following the vision to increase Humanity’s Health, Longevity, and Equitability

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