December 9, 2023

Covestro and Arcesso Dynamics launch breakthrough in solid-surface manufacturing

Covestro, a leading polymer manufacturer, and Arcesso Dynamics, a manufacturer of custom polyurethane parts, launch Arfinio®,a breakthrough manufacturing solution, at K 2022 plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The solution is based on reaction injection molding (RIM) on aliphatic polyurethanes. Previously considered impossible, this technology enables manufacturers to benefit from new combinations of design freedom, functional performance, and sustainability in multiple solid-surface and injection-molded applications.

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Arfinio® material is made by injection molding of a combination of high-performance liquid polymers and unique minerals. This produces truly seamless shapes without requiring sheets. In this way, the technology combines the key benefits of aliphatic chemistry, injection molding, and solid surfaces: mechanical resistance, light-stability, and repairability, as well as low product weight, quick production, and improved design freedom.

These properties are now opening new possibilities in applications including an Estoli shower plate, and a luxury design chair. In bathroom furniture, Arfinio® provides a solution at least 50 percent lighter than traditional solid surfaces with improved wet slip resistance and increased safety during installation and use. Its formulation can also be supplemented with antibacterial additives, enhancing hygiene on high-touch surfaces. In furniture, injection molding enables the quick production of complex, truly seamless structures. Finally, the thermal coefficient of Arfinio® makes it warm to the touch, and its texture and color can be customized. This also allows for backlighting in electronic applications.

Arfinio®also contributes toward a more circular, sustainable world. Its excellent impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance properties give it a long service lifetime. Additionally, as a mono-material, it can be easily repaired by sanding or milled and recycled into new products.

Joan Miquel García Martinez, Senior Project Manager at Covestro:”We’re proud to have joined forces with Arcesso to bring the benefits of RIM-produced aliphatics to the market!Arfinio® will open new opportunities for a wide range of designers and OEMs, and we’re looking forward to exploring how it can be used in even more applications.”

Ernest Montón, CEO Arcesso Dynamics: “It’s been great working with Covestro to bring our innovation for aliphatic PURto life. Our partnership has already helped customers in several industries to solve key product challenges. Together, we’ll continue to develop exciting new Arfinio®products that are designed to meet our customers’ and end-users needs.”

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