February 27, 2024

COP28 sees the announcement of The International Water Sustainability Coalition, The International Water Treaty the world’s 1st Water Exchange

COP28 sees the announcement of The International Water Sustainability Coalition, The International Water Treaty the world’s 1st Water ExchangeDubai, December 12, 2023:  COP28 today saw the launch of The International Water Sustainability Coalition, a joint initiative of AquaKraft Group Ventures (www.aquakraft.net) Leo Burnett India (www.leoburnett.com) & UAE-based Quazar Investments (www.quazarinvestment.com) to address the burgeoning need of water sustainability & water security in the world.

The International Water Sustainability Coalition aims to develop a coalition of Water Conscious enterprises, governments & enablers committed to water stewardship & sustainability. The coalition, the first of its kind in the region, will address the unique challenges and characteristics of water resources by getting countries to commit to international collaboration and cooperation to make equitable access and distribution of water for society a reality by 2050. The stakeholders joining the coalition will be incentivised for their sustainability by AquaKredits – Water Credits on AquaKraft’s AqVerium – World’s 1st Digital Water Bank and rated with a Water Sustainability Score (WSS) developed jointly by Leo Burnett India and AqVerium. The coalition will also drive green & sustainable solutions for managing the world’s precious resource, WATER.

Speaking on the occasion Rajdeepak Das, Chairman Leo Burnett, South Asia and Chief Creative Officer Publicis Groupe, South Asia “At Burnett we believe that creativity’s true power is to impact a billion. The looming water crisis demands immediate attention by adopting the Water Sustainability Score – a first-of-its-kind report card on how a water-positive brand can bring transparency and accountability in the indiscriminate use of water. The water sustainability score will help corporates to be more responsible and will give the consumers to choose the right product. When initiatives like the Water Sustainability Score are embraced it’s a win-win for both People & Planet. When more corporations and countries engage in these discussions, the greater the impact becomes because sometimes a small act goes a long way.”

“Leo Burnett operating in several other countries has joined the coalition with a commitment to influence and drive their customers to subscribe and practice water sustainability. Be Water+ve, a water sustainability influencer program of AquaKraft & IIFA, and Meraki Digital, a planet-positive communications agency dedicated to climate action have joined the coalition. The coalition will drive the “Blue Taxonomy” jointly being developed by AquaKraft and Frost & Sullivan, UK.” said Dr. Sami Souissi, Convenor  The International Water Sustainability Coalition.

Speaking on the occasion Waleed Khalid Al Ali, CEO – of Quazar Investment said “It is a very momentous occasion for UAE to host The International Water Sustainability Coalition and Quazar is very proud to be a part of it. We invite all the stakeholders across the world to join this coalition and aim to sign The International Water Treaty on UN World Water Day 2024 in Dubai. We are also very happy to announce our investment in the joint venture, AquaKraft BlueTech Solutions L.L.C, U.A.E., which will address the water & food security in UAE and the Middle East, and work with all stakeholders in achieving The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036. We are very impressed with Dr. Subramanya’s vision and together we will make the world water-positive.”

AquaKraft BlueTech Solutions LLC., U.A.E., will leverage the collective philosophies & strengths of AquaKraft Group Ventures & Quazar Investment and is poised to redefine the “Circular Water Sustainability” with its latest innovation Sustainable AquAgro Circular Economy.

“A lot has been spoken about climate action & resilience but Water which is core to sustainability has been clearly missing the narrative. It is a proud moment for us to launch The International Water Sustainability Coalition along with congruent-minded partners, Leo Burnett India and Quazar Investments. We are equally excited about our partnership with Quazar as both our philosophies are congruent towards sustainable impact. Together we will drive the water sustainability narrative across the Middle East which is by far the most water bereft region of the world. Our objective is to treat over 10 billion litres of water in the UAE and extrapolate this model across the Middle East capturing a significant share of USD 50 billion and growing water opportunities in the next 3 years.” Said Dr. Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO, AquaKraft Group Ventures.

AquaKraft BlueTech will implement AquaKraft’s AqVerium (www.aqverium.com ) – the World’s 1st Digital Water Bank which will audit, verify & validate water use and efficiency data, incentivise water positivity with AquaKredits – Water Credits and provide and digital marketplace to offset water deficit by buying AquaKredits. It will also provide a platform to sell recycled sewage water for agriculture by water-conscious stakeholders.

Sameer Salgar, CFO – Quazar Investments added “Quazar is incubating the joint venture and we are very bullish about the potential and growth of our investment. We are very impressed with the vision and legacy of AquaKraft as they address complex challenges in the highly unstructured water markets across the world. Their understanding of grassroots problems in every geography and curation of simple & customized solutions make them stand differently from all in the space. One of our major focus areas will be creating the world’s 1st WATER EXCHANGE which will revolutionise the global Water Market.”

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