CBREX helps Global Tech Consulting Firm simplify their recruitment process

Recruiting the right talent is one of the biggest challenges that an enterprise faces. A solution to hire and manage talent acquisition and related activities has long been sought by the industry. Technology can simplify this process for enterprises and sourcing companies alike. With technologies like AI and ML, drastic advances have been made in the recruitment industry to create a smooth recruitment experience for recruitment agencies and companies.

Established in 2014, a global technology consulting start-up focused on the capital markets industry with over 200 employees was looking to hire people for specific roles. The company has been growing ever since its conception, starting from two clients to 10+ Fortune 500 companies today. To manage such clients the company was looking at hiring new recruits but was unsuccessful. The company came to CBREX with recruiting challenges, specifically in hiring for niche skill areas of Java, Angular, React, Net Developers, Technical Architects, AND TT-BR/AV-JTL – Java Tech Lead. They were searching for location-based recruits. The company had earlier rolled out offers but saw minimal conversion and acceptance on behalf of the recruits. After their journey with CBREX, they hired a total of 9 recruits with the required skills to help them upgrade their quality of work and provide better service to their clients.

CBREX team diagnosed the company’s current recruitment process to identify challenges. Then with the help of our various partners, we recommended relevant suppliers who were able to provide resumes of a list of potential candidates. Understanding the demands of the client, CBREX guided them to relevant suppliers who managed candidates from the specific industry thereby reducing the time taken to find the right talent-sourcing firms. As the company began to make progress on the CBREX platform, there was a noticeable difference from the initial stages. The client could engage with multiple agencies based out of their desired location through a single platform, all of which were vetted and curated by CBREX. Being on a single platform, they could reach out to multiple agencies at the same time, streamlining the process and saving time.

The client also saw a high number of job postings and attracted a number of Suppliers who provided endless resumes. As the resumes were screened and shared with the enterprise recruiter, and based on their feedback, the platform saw a minimum of one job update per week. Through the mobile app, the direct recruiters could talk to recruiters regardless of where they were, thereby quickening the complete hiring process from finding recruits to scheduling meetings and interviews.

CBREX was established to help the recruiting community come together to create a large network of suppliers and recruiters. The availability of an all-in-one platform provided a fast-tracked process leading to higher conversions with minimal time consumed. Gautam Sinha, Co-founder CBREX said “The objective of CBREX is to create a single platform that serves the interest of our vendors and our clients. We understand the difficulties faced in the hiring process. With the help of technology, along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we seek to bring a curated solution for the whole industry”.

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