CACTUS celebrates International Open Access Week 2022

Princeton, October 19th, 2022:CACTUS,a science communications and technology company, looks forward to celebrating International Open Access Week 2022 from October 24th to 30th. With “Open for Climate Justice”as this year’s theme,the virtual annual event invites knowledge producers (researchers) and knowledge distributors (publishers) to enhance their awareness and understanding of open access (OA) and the importance of climate justice. This year, the event will be powered by three CACTUS brands—Editage, Impact Science and R Discovery in collaboration with IntechOpen,the first native scientific publisher of open access books and now open access journals of interdisciplinary research, and Brill, a leading international publishing house as event partners.

Abhishek Goel, CEO, and Co-Founder, CACTUS, said, “Climate change is a major global crisis that requires action from multiple stakeholders. Seeking and consuming knowledge via research will play a critical role in addressing the problem and developing strategies to battle it. Thus, it is imperative to create open access to scientific literature. With the focus of this years international Open Access Week on climate justice, we look forward to encouraging connection and collaboration in the climate movement and the international open access community.”

International Open Access Week is a global, virtual event organized every October since 2008 by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) in partnership with the Open Access Week Advisory Committee. This event is an opportunity for the scholarly community to learn more about open access, its importance and benefits, discuss recent developments in policies relevant to open access, share thoughts on scientific/societal challenges that open access can help address.

Through this event, researchers will deepen their understanding of why it is important to publish climate-related research open access, know more about open access, and get expert guidance on how to publish in open access journals. Publishers will gain insights into how they can contribute to climate justice by making research open access, ways to navigate regional differences in open access publishing and glean knowledge from similar global crises and how open access played a role in combatting them.

During the week-long event, CACTUSalong with IntechOpen and Brillwill organize many interactive activities including a panel discussion and video interviews featuring industry experts such as Alison Mudditt (CEO, PLOS), Stephanie Veldman (Head of Open Research, Brill), and Rachel Martin (Sustainability Director, Elsevier), and publish articles on open access related topics for researchers and publishers. The virtual sessions and events are open to all and will be available through registration.

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