Bringing Innovation to Your Business: FUJIFILM India, connecting India with its Latest Ad Film

Bringing Innovation to Your Business: FUJIFILM India, connecting India with its Latest Ad FilmNew Delhi, 12 December 2023: FUJIFILM India, a leader in multifunction printing technology, has launched its heart-touching ad campaign dedicated to its customers in India which outlines the stance of the business towards its mission in India. On 27th September 2023, FUJIFILM India announced its entry in India with a portfolio of A3 office printing devices. This brand film of Fujifilm Multifunction Printer aims to establish how the new offering will be a value proposition to Government E-Marketplace, corporate clients, businesses and printing industry.

Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Sync, the Ad Film is about 4 different stories based on different customer stories of a Government Official, Corporate, Small & Medium Business and Printer Industry who form the core of the multifunction printing ecosystem in our country. The stories are based in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata which beautifully captures the regional integrity of India.

The Brand film of Fujifilm Multifunction printers wanted to tell the story that how the APAC No. 1 Multifunction printer which is now in India will leverage its technology to help the nation. The ad film highlights some features like single pass duplex scanning, high speed printing, seamless connectivity with smartphone, high and consistent print quality.

Directed by Ranvir Kumar Suman, this Ad Film was shot in a timespan for two days and shot at multiple locations like Big 9 by 9 Wings Studio Andheri, Mother Nature Studio, Madh Island and a Photocopy shop in Malad which were art directed to suit the geographic narrative. The whole ad film was shot on the iconic FUJIFILM Fujinon Permista Cine Lenses of 19-45mm T2.9 Large-Format Cine Lens paired with its companions like the 28-100mm and 80-250mm. The Premista zooms cover a wide range of frequently used focal lengths and bring its image quality to maintain from the center through the image corners, and it is color-matched to the Fujifilm cine lens line to reduce color grading in post.

The Ad-film narrative is beautiful supported by a melodious track “Badhega India” which was composed by Abhinav Kaushik and written by Ram Krishna Gopi Yadav who also was the Producer for the production house Seaface Film which has produced the Ad Film.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Koji Wada, the Managing Director of FUJIFILM India, said, “Driven by innovation, at FUJIFILM India, we believe in a world where technology has the power to turn dreams into a reality, thus empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential aptly encapsulated by our ad campaign. Our commitment to cutting-edge solutions is at the heart of our mission, to transform pixels into perfection.”

“The ad campaign provides strong assertions and trust by all protagonists towards Fujifilm multifunction printers, creating a lasting impact on viewers. The story has beautifully captured the potential of the product in each montage thus standing true to our tagline “Bringing innovation to your Business,” said Priyatosh Kumar, Head Graphic Communications & Device Technology at FUJIFILM India.

In September, FUJIFILM India made its entry into the office printer business by unveiling a lineup of six A3 multifunction printers, designed to elevate productivity, ensure reliability, and cater to the ever-growing demands of today’s Indian work environment. To bolster consumer awareness and reinforce the trust of the patrons, FUJIFILM India has launched this ad campaign which can be accessed on FUJIFILM India’s official YouTube page and Fujifilm Office Solutions India social media handles.

Ad Film Link: FUJIFILM India – Bringing Innovation To Your Business | Apeos Series of A3 Multifunction Printers – YouTube

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