Bonn Group strengthens its portfolio with clean label bread & Bakery Range under the brand ‘La Americana Gourmet’

Bonn Group strengthens its portfolio with clean label bread & Bakery Range under the brand ‘La Americana Gourmet’Delhi, June 07 2024: In an era where consumers demand more than just taste, La Americana Gourmet responds with a product range that aligns with evolving preferences and values, the “Clean label bread and Bakery product range.” Clean Label is a consumer-driven initiative taken by the brand to create products that are healthy & clean as clean label lists natural ingredients and no preservatives and additives. With a vision towards a healthier tomorrow, the brand has launched Whole wheat Brown bread and Bran Bread along with their entire bakery range as a part of the Clean Label.

Today, consumers are more discerning about prioritizing health, and seeking transparency in the ingredients being used and production methods. With extensive coverage of the same in the public conversation, it is imperative that manufacturers and brands adapt to suit the needs of their consumers and retain their trust that is built over the years. Therefore, La Americana Gourmet has developed its clean label range in which the breads including Brown bread and Bran Bread are made with wholewheat and has No maida, No added preservatives, and No palm oil, instead using Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil and Jaggery; eliminating other additives & emulsifiers.

“We are always open to our consumers and their feedback. With the increasing awareness around health & nutrition, especially in recent years, people actively want to know what goes into making the items of their daily consumption. More and more consumers actively see the ingredient list on the pack and actively choose to opt for a healthier product when possible. At Bonn, we feel it is our responsibility to retain the trust of our consumers and ensure they know that we care for their health & nutrition as much as they do which lead to the inception of the Clean Label Breads”, said Mr. Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries

“We are very proud to launch our Clean Label product range, developing a product like this has not been easy; but entire team has shown lot of commitment to create a product which offers a much healthier option to the consumer; the launch of La Americana Gourmet Clean Label Range is a significant step, and we are confident that it will get lot of acceptance from our consumers.” said Dawinder Pal, Business Head (House of Veda) & Group Marketing Head, Bonn Group. “People, and especially our consumers are now aware that what they consume has a direct impact on their health which is why they want to know what exactly is used to produce their items of daily consumption.”

LA Americana Gourmet Clean Label range include Whole Wheat Brown Bread, Bran Bread, Multigrain Bread, Garlic Bread, Bran Kulcha, Brand Burger, Bran Pav, and Bran Pizza. The La Americana Clean Label Range is currently available on the brand’s website and is only for sale in Punjab, Delhi, NCR, Uttrakhand, Haryana presently.

This launch marks the beginning of a new era for La Americana Gourmet, with more clean-label products on the horizon. As the brand continues to prioritize health and taste, it invites consumers to move forward with healthier life choices.

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