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BeYounick’s latest entrepreneurial venture with ARMR establishes India’s first Creator-led line of anti-hangover shots ‘Lemonick’

Mumbai, April 2022: One of India’s most loved and multifaceted digital content creators (comedian, entertainer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, social media and internet sensation) Nikunj Lotia a.k.a. BeYounick becomes brand partner for ARMR – a healthy, tasty herbal beverage brand by Naturedge Beverages Pvt. Ltd. The partnership will see the creator-preneur promote his signature collection of anti-hangover shots, ‘Lemonick’—a healthy drink that detoxifies the body and supports liver health—with ARMR, in turn, encouraging a responsible lifestyle for young Indians.

The collaboration is the latest in line of a series of startups that Nick has either helped incubate and/or helped grow through the power of his connections and content-led influence; a trend that is fast emerging as a mainstay of commerce meeting popular culture. Earlier, Nick has been closely associated with companies across diverse industries—from an EV company to GE Sports, a gaming and esports company. Besides these, he has also invested in WYLD and Pivot Energy—a clean energy startup. As an entrepreneur, Nick has also taken a plunge into unfamiliar terrain to launch The Feast India Company and One Bite Stand, the wholesome food-trucks dishing up authentic Maharashtrian food on the streets of Sunnyvale, San Francisco.

Speaking about the association with ARMR, BeYounick (Nikunj) said, “ARMR’s brand image and perception is young, lively, healthy and thriving and that’s a philosophy that, I believe, should be everyone’s way of life too. Life has turned extremely fast paced – we’re all running an endless race laying aside our health for career, wealth and everything else. ARMR’s healthy shots come to your rescue when you find it hard to eat healthy or get wholesome nutrition. Besides, who knew one day there would be an anti-hangover shot?! So now you can party till you drop – except, you probably won’t drop because Lemonick is here!  I am thrilled to associate with ARMR and truly look forward to a prolific brand partnership with them.”

Giving age-old remedies a modern twist, ARMR’s unique Ayurveda inspired shots are specially formulated to enrich day-to-day wellness across everyday pain points. The brand enables you to meet all your wellness needs in a convenient and tasty ready-to-drink 60 ml shot. The brand’s anti-hangover shot gets a makeover as BeYounick joins the bandwagon. ARMR’s range of anti-hangover shots—already available in blackberry and apple flavours—has been revamped as BeYouNick joins the bandwagon with ‘Lemonick,’ an all-new refreshing lemon-flavoured shot. To be had before alcohol consumption to avoid headaches and nausea that follow a hangover, this unprecedented range will help every party-goer find the balance between partying hard and staying fit.

Commenting on this collaboration Siddhesh Sharma, Founder and CEO, Naturedge Beverages said, “Now that restrictions are nearly completely lifted and people are back to enjoying their social lives, we are happy to present our special edition of ARMR Anti-Hangover shots – Lemonick! We couldn’t think of a better person to partner with for this than Nick, a celebrated Content Creator and multifaceted artist, who has the perfect spirit, personality and audience to partner with for this special edition of ARMR Anti-Hangover shots.”

With 4.56 million YouTube subscribers, BeYounick is a flourishing digital content creator who has firmly set foot on the entrepreneurial path. Throughout the journey, Nick’s association with Collective Artists Network, India’s largest popular culture marketplace that is focused on powering dreams of creators across disciplines, has been instrumental.

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